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Ayurvedic Massage

by Ayurpress

Ayurveda (“the science of life”) is the traditional medicine used in India since ancient time. It is a complete way of life, an healing health system comprising diet, Yoga, massage, detoxification, herbal remedies, meditation, philosophy for which mind, body and spirit are interconnected and illness represents an imbalance between them. The Ayurveda Massage has an incredible benefit to mind, body and skin and immune system. It involves copious amounts of oil, and a unique two or one-therapy sequence that relaxes and soften the tissues. Ayurvedic massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, has a beneficial effect on the spine, tones muscles, positively affects the mental state of the person.It acts on hormonal levels, facilitates the elimination of toxins, relieves tension and related disorders: anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, migraine, fatigue, difficult digestion.

Ayurpress – Peter Hari & Zsuzsana Fehér bio

We are Zsuzsanna Fehér and Péter Hári, a Hungarian couple running Maya Center & AyurPress,
an ayurvedic health center and book publisher. On summer 2014 we started to build up our project in our farm near Hévíz, in the beautiful countryside in Hungary. We are publishing ayurvedic books, providing Ayurvedic massage and some other health services, planting herbs and producing our own herbal remedies. Zsuzsi is also a high-educated naturopath and yoga / aviva instructor.


Cacao Ceremony 

by Mela Mariposa e Naida Moon

Cacao, a medicine that has been used by the aztecs in Mexico for centuries.

The Cacao bean is a very complex and rich food, containing lots of magnesium, iron and antioxidants, that help recover the cell structure.

Cacao has been called the “food of gods“  by the Mayas and Aztecs and has been used as a healing medicine and in ceremonies.

The cacao not only has a positive effect on the body, it also effects our happy hormones, it helps releasing dopamine, endorphins and serotonin (a natural anti-depressive). Serontonin is an anti-stress neurotransmitter and has a significant effect on our state of being.

In this ceremony we invite you to let go, to connect with your heart and to allow yourself to just BE. The cacao opens doors for new possibilities and perspectives.

This journey integrates movement, sounding, dancing and the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls.

Much love and Light



Crystal Readings – The Mirror of the Soul by Alex Ricci

Each reading moves in an evolutionary perspective. Through the selection of certain crystals, the present situation of each person can be identified clearly, directly and intuitively. Clarity is thus brought to the “evolutionary point” in which we find ourselves, and this means that we can give a new direction to our lives, thanks to a greater awareness both of our weak points to be integrated, that of those of strength, talent and harmony. I like to define Crystal Reading as a “precise photograph” of one’s current condition, rather than a divination or an oracular system.

Alex Ricci bio

I was born in Cesena on November 14th 1985 and I still live in Cesenatico. Since an early age I was attracted to the mineral kingdom. During my walks in nature I was used to find crustals, thus beginning to collect different types of them. Since then I have never stopped, and my passion for this dimension has gradually increased. Now I work as a Transpersonal Counselor in my studio in Cesenatico, and in various holistic events around Romagna. I often use the crystal reading during my sessions, with the sincere intent to bring light, coherence and truth in the life of those interested in evolving.




The Science of Differentiation. Strategic and individual reading with Luna Studer

The Human Design System is a tool that allows us to explore and experience what our personal energy potential is. Having this practical tool at our disposal, it allows us to take ourself back to what we are  in everyday life and to accept, without expectations, people who are in relation with us. It is based on the reading of an energy map, which has nine energy centers and identifies the 4 main auric types of the humanity, as well as the physiological, psychological and energetic characteristics of each of the centers, and their functioning. Human Design provides tools to change our lives and start behaving as we really are, and not for how others would like us to be. The results in everyday life are immediate, if one experiments with conviction and consistency.

Luna Studer bio

She met Human Design in 2007, and in the following three years she trained with Genoa Bliven, director of Human Design America becoming a HD professional. She works for the radio of Human Design America, and in 2011 she meets the founder of HD, Ra Uru Hu and becomes part of his experiment. She continues her education with Alokanand Diaz and is certified as “Living Your Design Guide“. Currently she is training as an IDHS Certified Analyst and brings training in Rome with “Spazio Interiore“.



Opening blocked energy with Naama Bechar

My name is Naama and I am an energy worker, I  studied with Marko Pogaknic, a Master of Earth Healing in Israel. I have been his assistant in several workshops, where I learnt how to heal the Earth. Thanks to this technique I found a way to feel people and feel their blocked energy – and so, clean and open it. The intention of the person is the “fuel” of the treatment and MAGIC always happens. I usually touch the client in a very lightly but mostly no touch way, when I do this I am a light channel for him/her. Sometimes I use sage, or different stones and minerals.  I also create healing symbols jewellery called “Naamika: spirit to matter”



Pranic Healing

by Filippo Bianca

Pranic Healing is a complete and advanced healing system that uses “prana” or life energy. Pranic Healing has its roots in ancient Chinese therapy that has the same origins as Acupressure, Chi Massage, Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese Yoga called CHI KONG. Pranic healing is able to correct imbalances through energy diagnosis, the removal of congested energies and the projection of vital energy. Through Pranic Healing the awareness of what we are becomes more and more clear allowing us to discover more and more ourselves, and thus, cleaning up the black bag of our unconscious. You can experience  Energetic treatments for Physical, Emotional and Psychic Wellbeing, Cleaning, Energization and Harmonization of Aura and Chakra. Treatments can also be specific to reduce stress, relationship and economic problems, bringing peace on an emotional and psychic level.


Sound and Voice Massag

by Velka Sai

Sound/Voice Bath for Deep vibrational Rebalancing, with Ancestral Instruments.

Sound/voice massages stimulate health and wellbeing by raising our vital energy, promoting relaxation and banishing insomnia and anxiety. They improve concentration, synchronize the hemispheres of our brain, improve our breathing, combat stress, disperse blocked energy and clear out negative emotions.

Our organisms vibrate like musical instruments. According to traditional oriental medicine, every illness is caused by a lack of harmony in mind and/or body. If our frequencies become distorted as a result of psycho-physical interference, our vital energy can become blocked.

Because the human body is predominantly made of water, Vibration reaches into every part of our being.

Velka-Sai’s healing voice and bells restore harmony and rebalance our chakras, generating a harmonic and vibrational field that resonates in mind and body.

Velka Sai bio

Eleonora Giudizi aka Velka-Sai is an alchemic artist. Her eclectic personality translates into a powerful vocal style but at same time refined, ancestral and evocative. Constantly looking for new artistic stimuli, her sonic capabilities identify her as a versatile performer, able to express naturally and talented in various musical styles .. in songs that belong to the ethnic and sacred tradition.
Thanks to a deep path of soul searching in the vast universe of sound meditation, she felt that her voice could be put at the service of whom, like her, believes that the sound is a privileged means to discover the powerful inner Harmony, and to connect with the divine within us.



Speak with your Cells

by Selmah e Fabio Pacifico

Used techniques: Shamanic journey, Sound bath with Gong, Handpan, Didgeridoo, Persian harp, Drums, Ocean drum, Rattles, Tibetan bells, Cryotherapy, Plantar reflexology, Tarot, Body reading. The client is brought into a state of deep relaxation and guided, through the sounds, to the development of one’s self-healing and intuitive awakening abilities. It activates the cellular consciousness to the experience of autonomous growth and well-being. It creates an ergonomic tendency to the cellular system with the intent of replacing it with the usual stress system. Water in the cells receives / registers through the sound, the “intent” of love, awakening and healing of the player; these recall “intents” of happiness that everyone naturally cultivates. The profound wellbeing that is experienced during the journey, allows to fix the stimuli obtained in the cellular memory, starting a metabolic process of elimination of the memories not in line with the harmony thus tested.

Selmah bio

As a child I was lost in the vibrations of colors and sounds to be connected to a magical and superior space, which I felt I belonged to, because it allowed a great power of vision. I studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and Visual Communication, which today have become a profession. I study and practice Music, Osho’s Active Meditations, Shamanism, TranceDance and Shamanic Journeys where I play: didgeridoo, djembe, santur, tibetan / tubular bells, shells, rattles, drums, fujara, gongs, flutes, handpan.

Fabio Pacifico bio

Fascinated by the Spiritual Paths, I study Physiotherapy, I start working as a holistic operator. I traveled the path of Buddhism for 11 years and then studied the Five Biological Laws, Bach Flowers, Plantar Reflexology, Crystallotherapy, Tarot. Hence the skills of Healer and the opportunity to discover the quickest way for harmonious healing, the opportunity to admire the natural abilities of transformation that manifests a body and the opportunity to love life to such an extent that the solution manifest.



Shiatsu and Tibetan Bells with Elena Porciatti

Shiatsu is a manual treatment on the whole body characterized by pressure brought with the thumbs, the palms of the hands, the elbows and the knees. The pressures go deep along the energy meridians of the client’s body, exerting an impulse to remove blocks of physical and emotional nature. In order to promote greater relaxation during the session, I use the Tibetan bowls played directly on the body. The stimulus produced by the vibrations of the instruments helps to loosen any tension that may be present.

Elena Porciatti bio

Elena Porciatti aka Ignatia Amara, dr. In chemistry, is a shiatsu operator (Masunaga style) graduated in 2013. She has followed in-depth meditation courses on chakras and sound massage with Tibetan bowls. She is an active researcher in the field of wellness, and is also involved in the study of self-taught Mediterranean medicinal plants, experimenting, currently on herself, the power of plants in association with the massage in the treatment of certain disorders.

Thai Massage with Mira Quaglietta

Also called yoga for lazy people, because it accompanies the client in guided stretching positions that recall the asana of classical yoga. It also works on meridians, or rather energy channels. Promotes postural realignment, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the body and increases flexibility. The treatment will be completed by the use of the singing bowls.

Mira Quaglietta bio

She trained at the Hand Healing School in India with a Thai teacher, where she also learned to make individual massages with Tibetan bowls.

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