Worldwide Womb Blessing

by Renata Porretti

We celebrate the Full Moon with Miranda Gray’s World Womb Blessing.

It is a Harmonization, a deep energetic cleansing where old patterns and energies that are no longer needed are released. It is a process of transformation and elevation of vibration where we connect the Divine Feminine on a global level, becoming healing energy channels for us, the other women, the Earth and the World.

During this Full Moon we will work on the female archetypal energy of the Autumn Enchantress. The fruits are ripe, the Abundance of Mother Nature is at the peak of her Creative Manifestation and heart and eyes are filled with joy and wonder for all the Beauty that surrounds us. By connecting to this energy of Abundance and Completeness we can create the three-dimensional Vision of our Dreams and turn them into Reality.

There will be guided meditation where we will work on the mind-heart-womb connection with the Full Moon, we will share the energy with all the Women and the World to heal it; we will work on the connection of our Yoni with Mother Earth and we will meditate on creating Abundance by putting a seed of Light within Us to make it blossom and give birth to juicy fruits.

Sign up at at 06 pm Uk to connect with Miranda and increase the healing power of the Blessing even more.

Renata Porretti bio

I practice and study since over 15 years in the holistic field. I am specialized in various healing techniques including pranotherapy and foot reflexology.

Since 5 years I have been following an esoteric path with Jodorowsky studying Tarot de Marseille, Metagenealogy, Psicomagia and Shamanism.

I am Moon Mother iniziated by Miranda Gray.

I have been following the Shamanism of the Andean and Venezuelan Cosmovision for many years working deeply with master plants and mediumship; I drive ceremonies with energetic and spiritual healing practices, medicine chants, use of shamanic drum and maracas.

Healing is my life mission and the intent is to guide people on this journey.