Will and Attention – Introduction to Toltec practices

by Luca Frigerio

One of the most shocking and interesting discoveries made by the wizards of ancient Mexico is that the world is a sensation and that it depends on the way in which we use our attention. We have been educated to use our attention and our energy in an obsessive and deleterious way, so we remain all life fixed in a state of awareness that allows us very little possibility of change and evolution.

In this workshop we explore practically the possibility of accessing non-ordinary perceptions and new modes of attention with discipline and will.

By allying ourselves with the elements of nature, we will unveil new connections with the world and re-orient our energy by making the memory of our magical abilities emerge.

“Magic is a state of awareness. It is the ability to conceive something that escapes ordinary perception.”
Carlos Castaneda

Luca Frigerio bio

Luca Frigerio is an explorer of perception and a traveler of the infinite on the path of Toltec warriors. It is formed in the field of yoga, alchemy, zen, the psychology of the deep and shamanism of various traditions. In Italy he is bearer of medicine music and sacred songs coming from the relationship with the power plants of Central and South America. In this context he meets and absorbs the teachings of numerous taita, ayahuasqueri, in particular of the way of the Red Path, of which he learns the practices. Luca’s encounter with the works of Nagual Carlos Castaneda is more significant and impactful, since they immediately had a strong transformative power over him. In the millenary system of knowledge that is nagualism finds the pragmatism, the effectiveness and clarity that has always sought. Thanks to Marco Baston he gets the key to understanding Castaneda and learns the practices and methods of action of Toltec warriors.