The Ancestral Maternal Lineage: Reclaiming our Right as Medicine Women

by Yerumael ShaktiMà

In this informal gathering around the fire, we will remember the times of the past, when our grandmothers and great-grandmothers cared for plants, worked the land and gave birth at home. After the collective work of healing the wound of the maternal lineage, it is time to celebrate our feminine ancestors, to honor and invoke them as our guides and guardians. We will share memories of pagan rites and the naturalness with which they were performed, even before the very concept of the ritual. We will ignite the flame of knowledge in sustaining the fire and the magic of prayer even before the religious stereotype. We will recall our ancestral memory through the discovery of the culture of the lands where we were born and that of a childlike curiosity about myths and family stories. We will remember what it takes to be daughters and guardians of Mother Earth through our healing cycles and knowledge. We will close the circle with a prayer for water and our roots.

Yerumael ShaktiMà bio

Yerumael ShaktiMà was born in Bulgaria and then grew up in the italian Switzerland. Her roots are half rom. She has been on the healing path with medicinal plants for 15 years and has been an apprentice in the Amazon jungle with indigenous healers for several years. She received the blessing of facilitating ceremonies with various medicinal plants since 2008. For several years she has devoted herself to the awakening of female knowledge through retreats, circles and ceremonies where she shares works of connection with the ancestral wisdom and the lineage of Maria Magdalena. Yerumael Shakti Mà is also a teacher of kundalini yoga, doula, moonmother and a naturopath. She currently lives in Switzerland with her baby SunnySage