Shamanic Yoga: Soul Hunting in the Dream World

by Paolo Serioli

The workshop concerns themes from oriental shamanism, it is a ritual where we get into our dream world to find important messages for us. The soul hunting in the dream world has a first part where we begin to practice a simple energetic breathing technic, entering in an expanded state of consciousness.

This ritual is performed in couples. First we enter into our inner dream world where, through a guiding voice, we will find important energies in form of symbols. When the exploration of our dream world is concluded we go into the dream world of the person who is performing the ritual with us. We receive gifts or messages to donate to that person.

The ending of the activity is a mutual exchange between the people who had the practice together.

Shamanic yoga is a syncretic tradition that unifies the knowledge of the integral yoga of Aurobindo, the tantric tradition of mystics such as Tilopa, Naropa and Milarepa, Abhinavagupta, Padmasambhava the Tantric Dakini Ma “gcig Lab sgron” and Yeshe Tsogyel.

Selene Calloni Williams brings this knowledge to amalgamation with the Imaginal Archetypal Psychology (Jung, Hillman).  In this path you can experiment yoga as a form of practical psychology, an integral experience of creativity at all levels of being (physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual).

Paolo Serioli bio

I am a 24 year old multi-instrumentalist. I traveled for some time  in Mexico, where I approached the shamanic culture of medicine and sacred plants. Music is my country, and in the recent years I cultivated this passion surrounding myself of  the sounds of traditional instruments from around the world. In Italy I attended the School of Counseling with Selene Calloni Williams, which lead me to a shamanic path of yoga, constellations and other processing practices.
I bring my musical projects and workshops wherever they are required, and I make custom musical instruments (mostly shamanic drums and didgeridoo). I held a shamanic practice of yoga and a seminar of construction of drums at the “in me mago agere” Festival near Venice.