The Movement of Life

by Alberto Spagone

Life is movement, movement is life. We will observe and experiment the forms on which the creation is based and find out how they are codes to understand ourselves and the surrounding reality. And when the mind is overwhelmed, we will create the void in which knowledge has the flavor of memory and the experience will pervade us through emotion. We will begin by creating the Circle of Participants. We will observe and recall the characteristics of cardinal and intermediate Directions. We will create a Mandala through a guided visualization. At that time the space will be open for the participants and closed to the outside. Images and suggested reflections from the Tradition will therefore be summoned (with this we mean that the long red thread of Knowledge beyond religion, language and nation is common to all peoples). Each participant will now be invited to the utmost lucidity in listening and in the observation of themselves and will then be invited to take the form that best manifests what had observed. In this position, he/she will remain and working with the imagination will have to understand which basic form (circle, triangle, square) prevails in his state. In each person’s ear will be whispered the meaning of the symbol they are taking and will still stay in their state, enriched with the key words of the symbol that they can repeat in their heads or whisper by choosing from those offered. With small movements the participants can then release the position and change it into sitting or lying down. We will return to the circle and each one will show his position repeating himself / herself  his / her words. After all the presentations, we will create a sequence of transformation through the positions offered in a common and breathing rhythm, repeating at most one word per position (whispered or in the head). We will repeat the sequence together again and again. Then everyone will stop, expressing a word that satisfies his condition. We will memorize them all and begin repeating each one at his own rhythm and volume enough to let them flow without concept and without judgment. Then the apex is reabsorbed. We will sit down and experience will be integrated through the sharing and the words of the conductor who will be able to offer it as support. Finally, the Knowledge offered will be summarized.

Alberto Spagone bio

Begins in the paternal dojo, Master Paolo Spagone at 4 years, training in the practice of Aiki-jujutsu and Aikido. In the Zen Mizu no Oto School, he learns the basics of Shiatsu massage and some relaxation techniques (za-zen meditation of Soto inspiration and walking meditation) and visualization. At 20 he starts exploring when he meets the circus art, theater and dance. He continues to make experiences (he meets the Feldenkrais method, Contact Improvisation, Trance Dance, Osho meditations) and accomplishes the title of Naturopath (Maitri Institute). He enrolls to a professional course of Shiatsu Operator and Craniosacral Therapy. He begins to teach and leading  groups, always forming and experimenting firsthand.