Taoist treasures for women + Jade Egg practices

by Imaya Renee

The workshop will start with a short meditation to travel inside, become aware of the physical body with special focus on the feminine parts. We will shortly introduce ourselves and share how we experience our relationship with our female body in this moment. After that i will give briefly explanation about Taoism, chi, their vision on sexual energy (which is life force energy, which is creative energy) and explain a bit about the exercises we will do to cultivate and harness this energy. The exercises are:

 -the inner smile meditation (a profound way to soften the energy)

-breast massage (to soften the heart (open up to self), create a connection with the yoni and stimulate/balance the hormone production

-Ovarian breathing (to become aware and bring focus to the place where our power of creation is stored)

-The micro cosmic orbit to guide the ‘sexual’ energy for nourishing the whole body and learn how to sublimate and harness the energy.

After this we will have a transition into the jade egg practice, which is an ancient practice used in Taoism to gain more awareness into the vagina/yoni, this deepening of connection is beneficial for sexual healing, creating more life force energy, better blood circulation, and it is connecting with ones life purpose/unique essence. A lot of shame, trauma, suppression is stored in the vagina, when the women brings her loving awareness in those places it can be released and give more space for flowing energy. At the end we will share our experience and witness each other in this sharing and close the circle.  There will be an option to purchase a 100% certified nephrite jade egg (but no worries the egg practice can always be done without an egg).

Imaya Renee bio

I am a certified Sacred Femininity Facilitator, trained by Tao Tantric Healing arts, given by Minke Vos and Shashi Solluna.  I finished the Jade Pleasure course by Layla Martin.

Ever since then addicted to all the books about feminine essence, rising of the shakti, power of sister circles etc.

I’m part of the Sacred Island Shaktivation, a group of women (Imaya, Chintamani and Hilary) mostly living on the magical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand,  dedicated to creating a community of women on the island to share the sacred practices of TaoTantra and other embodiment work as a way for women to awaken their creative life force energy, and discover the power, connection and spirituality inherent in our own sexual and feminine essence. We guide and support women in connecting deeply with themselves and each other, so we, as women, can spread healing, promote wellness, and share our unique creative gifts with the world.