SACRED CIRCLES – Women in New Moon and Mixed

by Renata Porretti

In this time of reconciliation with our authentic nature, one feels the need to be seated in the oldest of the manners that man has known since the primordial times: in the circle, symbol of union and sharing, Sacred place where everyone is recognized with their own value. The circle reconnects with the cycles of Cosmos and Nature and thus with its own Life. “In the Circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and there’s nobody behind you. No one is above you; no one is below you. The Circle is Sacred because it is designed to create Unity.” – Lakota Wisdom. During the festival there will be two sacred circles: the first in Black Moon will be a Circle of Women and the second will be a circle of Women and Men about Trust and Support.

Both circles will consist of exercises and guided meditations; there will follow songs accompanied by maracas and shamanic drumming and a sharing of experiences and feelings.

Circle of Women and Men – Trust and Support

The intent of this Sacred Circle will be the opening in the Faith of Presence and Love. All of us need to be trusted because only by trusting ourselves, and consequently in other people, we can live a serene life and in connection with what surrounds us, allowing the heart to open up to the world and thus experience  what we call Union and Cohesion.
In this journey we will explore together these themes through couples exercises and a guided meditation to meet our inner child and harmonize it with our adult part by learning from the past without being anchored to this and thus allowing to light up the Divine Shine that  exist in each of us and that allow us to be united in this Pathway called Life.

Bring your good intentions and get comfortable.
At the end of the work we will sing together, you are invited to bring with you instruments to play and songs to share!

Circle of Women in Black Moon – Personal Power in Opening and in Love

Gathering in a circle to find a connection with yourself and with your own female nature, to learn to know it and to remember it, healing your relationship with yourself and with the outside world, reunited together in trust and sharing, guided by the Grandmother Moon that in the sky of these days will be New Moon. An important moment for women, who cyclically and naturally are linked to lunar rhythms, and that in the New Moon, in particular, they have the opportunity to regenerate with a deep look inside themselves, through its great transformational power.

During this New Moon, which will be in the sign of the Lion, we will find three more planets in this sign: Sun, Mercury and Mars. This strong presence of the Lion will help us find our personal power by shutting off the blocks of power craving for acceptance and / or fear of being excluded or not seen. Mercury will give us mental acumen and ability to journey  with the mind, Mars will give us power of action and the Sun, benevolent Father, will heat us and feed us by giving us strength and courage.

Taken from this planetary push we will work on the regain of our intuitive and decision-making power through targeted exercises and a guided meditation that will lead us into our inner self to admire how much beauty and magic we can give to ourselves and to the world.
You are all invited to bring instruments to play and songs and a bandage or scarves to cover your eyes.

Renata Porretti bio

Since fifteen years I work in the field of healing  with a special look at the soul of the human being. Since some years I have come closer to esotericism and shamanism, and I have deepened the themes for various ways and different personal experiences. Healing is my mission of life and I put soul and heart to bring my contribution with conscience and passion.