by Gianluca Sahaj Giuliani

Meditation is one of the most ancient tools that the human being knows to reconnecting  with himself and the Source of Existence. Since from birth we have been “educated” to respect each other and to be part of an “organized” society with clearly defined rules and ways of living, to do so we had to create a structure (ego) in order to survive but repressing our true nature . Meditation helps us to enter ourselves by contacting our essence naturally present in us but still buried by models and binding schemes that block what is the natural flow of energy and conscience in a person. All the proposed exercises will help to appease the mind  in favor of “feeling”, of flowing into the vibration that tells the truth.

Gourishankar Meditation

this technique, to be performed at night, it is used to relax the body. It is developed in four stages of 15 minutes each, the first two stages will prepare us for the spontaneous Latihan of the third stage. If the first stage breathing is done correctly, the carbon dioxide contained in the blood vessels will make us feel at the altitude of Gourishankar Mount  located over 7000mt in the Himalaians:

– sitting with closed eyes, deeply breathing from the nose filling the lungs. The breath will be hold longer that I can, after kindly exhaling from the mouth I will keep my lungs empty as long as possible.

– I go back to normal breath and with my eyes closed I look at the flame of the candle, the body is perfectly motionless.
– with eyes closed, standing, I leave the body abandoned and receptive, allowing it to move in the way it will.

4th stage – lying down, with eyes closed, motionless and silent.

Sufi Chakra Breathing

This is a Sufi powerful technique that uses the breath to purify and reconnect our energy system in its entirety, from the first to the seventh chakra:

– standing in rooting position, eyes are closed, singing a Sufi mantra for a few minutes after starting to breathe in every chakra at rhythm of Sufi music.

– with closed eyes I sit and start oscillate bringing energy to my center (the navel)
– lying down, with eyes closed, standing in silence

Gianluca Sahaj Giuliani bio

My name is Sahaj, I discovered the world of Osho meditations more than 10 years ago and since then still it is a part of my life. During this personal growing path, which will never end, I became Sannyasin. I chose to enter into myself and find out, break the unconscious patterns that didn’t allow me to be myself and live more intensely every single emotion that in the course of the day could cross inside me. I have attended a various groups including a year of Holistic Academy, Primal, Tantra, Who is in, Inner Men and Women, etc.
I am an Osho Tantric Pulsation therapist (working with breathing techniques: William Reich first and Alexander Lowen then, were the forerunners of these techniques) and a Joint Release Bodywork Massager.