“RisuonArte” Ritual: Multisensory Reconnection Journey

by Elisabetta Roberti

“RisuonArte” Ritual is a multi-sensory synergistic journey where, supported by the wisdom of resins and the ancient art of fumigation, through which it is possible to resonate with the essence of the plant, the ancient sense of smell will be moved. Moreover with the help of the Shiatsu contact and listening to a musical project composed at 432 hz, the sense of touch and hearing will be stimulated, while through a guided visualization will be invoked the use of the inner sight and,with the aid of symbols, the external one. By opening the doors naturally already present in us (our incredible senses), what is to be reawakened is therefore a real and profound relationship with the body, vehicle and sacred temple of our essence, so that we can recreate within ourselves a connection between what is moved (the body) and what moves (the Soul), so that what seems divided can return One and show itself and express itself in its uniqueness.

Elisabetta Roberti bio

Elisabetta is a multisensory holistic traveler and undertakes her journey in search of the essence of herself and of what surrounds her  together with the encounter in 2005 first with Shiatsu and then with Reiki. Here begins her wandering in search of answers, guided by a deep curiosity and the desire to know herself more and more. Through the meeting with human, mineral and vegetable wisdom and the study of techniques such as Theta Healing, the cosmic vibration at 432 htz of crystal bells and the ancestral wisdom of resins, she offers a synergistic multi-sensory journey, which unites and makes dancing together everything that in these years of travel has excited and guided in the search for what is invisible to the eyes.

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