Creativity and Perception: Exploration of the Creative Process

by Elisa La Ferrara

In this workshop we will connect to sensory perceptions in a profound way to know ourselves better and explore the infinite possibilities of our body-mind-spirit system. We will go in search of our Allies in Nature and will seek creative solutions to our inner and relational conflicts through the use of creative imagination, movement, voice, inner sensations and emotions. By listening carefully to all the signals that come from the external environment and from our inner world, we will approach ourselves and others in a new and different way, following the flow of life that ceaselessly flows towards and through us. The Processwork is a systemic and transpersonal methodology that invites us to listen and give equal value to all the parts, to all the voices present in a system through the practice of Deep Democracy. Thus we realize the connection between us and all that we perceive and we can take care of the world as if it is our body and vice versa. In Processwork we train our awareness to move between the dimensions of the Consensus Reality, measurable and objective, of the Land of Dream, where our emotions, fantasies and allied spirits live, and of Essence, where everything is One.

Elisa La Ferrara bio

I am Elisa Uri La Ferrara, I was born in Turin in 1979 and since I was a child dance and music have colored my life with dreams. I studied Body Expression and Dance Theater for fifteen years, then I deepened my studies with Authentic Movement, Yoga, Fooling and Contact Dance. For seven years I have been practicing Toltec shamanism, I write Medicine Songs and work on the Voice-Soul connection. I study Processwork, a transpersonal methodology that connects Taoism, Shamanism, Jungian analysis and Quantum Physics, which inspires my Creative Counseling. I lived in different types of communities, developing a strong sense of connection with nature, learning different methods of facilitation and community building. I am a SIAF-registered Professional Holistic Worker.

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