Women with the Moon

by Monica Xena Enani


my period, the menses, the emotional rollercoaster, the days of the cranberry, surfing the red tide …. and the feminine power.

Why it was better not using their name on the poster? And why if you call them with their name, it sounds bad? Why I love you then I hate you then I love you then I hate you then … why did you put this picture on the table next to the stove? Couldn’t you put it in its place? Did you want to tell me something about my physical appearance or how I cook or you do it just to mess my life up?

A gathering, a bit conference, show and shamanic circle, seriously comic and scientifically intuitive.

Meeting for Women, for Men and especially for couples, for those who want to understand a little more the magical yet complex female universe.

“I do not trust a thing that bleeds for 5 days and then does not die”.

South Park

We will talk about the female menstrual cycle, its connection with the cycle of Nature and with the Cycle of Life. About the 4 archetypal energies that represent the 4 biological moments of the cycle, of how our emotions change, our body, the way of placing ourselves towards others and in the world. The Medicine Songs are a part of the show, they convey the different Energies that we will treat and accompany our prayers.

Monica Xena Enani bio

My personal journey has been an oscillating path between Art and Spirituality.

In fact since 1998 I began an artistic journey dedicating myself to numerous disciplines of the theater-circus, participating in various artistic projects (Crop Circus, Circo Paniko).

Also in ’98, in various countries of South America, I approached shamanism as a way of healing. From then until today I continuously pursue a path of development of Being, a tireless researcher and deeply passionate about the potentialities of the human being and the States of Altered Consciousness. I attend “Metamundo” of Cristobal Jodorowsky and the school of Deep Democracy-ProcessWork. For several years I have been focusing on Women’s Circles, and I organize healing circles of Traditional Medicine involving Masters and Shamans of different Nationalities and Traditions.