Women Circle

by Silvia Ripamonti

Returning to our Femininity is the inner transformation that allows us to be the Mothers of a New World, and to this effect we can welcome, generate, cherish and nurture new values ​​and new attitudes.

Habits, beliefs, constraints lead us to disconnect from our true nature.

In our Circle, we can allow ourselves to be and thus recognize ourselves beyond the dust of prejudice. We can compare and support ourselves in understanding what we are bringing into the world and what we can bring when we recover ourselves in Love.

In our Circle, we experience taking care of ourselves and others for love without attachment to illusions, role and expectations, thus establishing a profound sense of union in us, with the other Sisters, with the Masculine and with every living being.

As in the song with which we give and receive, we meet each other in the Circle and learn to feel and hear the others, opening ourselves to total collaboration and sharing.

Through experiences, songs, massages and artistic expressions, we will recognize our femininity and give it strength and nourishment.

Recognizing the link between us and Nature, we will re-evaluate our way of being and imagining ourselves, of seeing and perceiving the world.

Silvia Ripamonti bio

I am a certified beautician, graduated in Herbal Medicine. I attended the training course in Do-In at the Popular University Maitri, I am a Yoga and Regenerative Gymnastics teacher at the Zen School Mizu no Oto.