Traditional Ayurvedic massage technics

by Ayurpress (Peter Hari & Zsuzsana Fehér)

Ayurvedic massage is probably the World’s oldest set of massage technics. Main characteristics of this health-care method are:

  1. using different types of hot medicated oils and / or powders, which can be prepared in different ways;
  2. using long and repetitive strokes, inducing a very relaxed physical and mental state, and detoxifying the whole body;
  3. always keeping an eye on the client’s traditional body and personality type (dosha), using different ways (strength and quickness) of the massage.

During the workshop we will

  1. give an overall view of this massage, talking about the characteristics of strokes and tools;
  2. teach how to prepare good quality and effective massage oils at home for different purposes and different body types;
  3. teach two relatively short and easy-to-learn massage technics: the traditional head massage and the most common day-starting routine, the morning self abhyanga (quick daily self-massage).

For those who interested in Ayurvedic massage a little bit more, we are always ready to teach some more of it individually during the festival.

Ayurpress – Peter Hari & Zsuzsana Fehér bio

We are Zsuzsanna Fehér and Péter Hári, a Hungarian couple running AyurPress, an ayurvedic health center and book publisher. On 2014 summer we started to build up our project in our 1.5Ha farm near Hévíz, in the beautiful countryside in Hungary. We are publishing ayurvedic books, providing Ayurvedic massage and some other health services, planting herbs (like lavender, calendula, lemongrass, peppermint etc.) and producing our own organic cosmetics and herbal remedies.