The Circle of Union

by Alberto Spagone and Silvia Ripamonti

In the Circle of Union there are two places: the center, where it’s possible to explore our inner space, extending it to the outer space, protected by the circle itself, and the circumference which is the support of those who decide to express themselves.

Without judgment and expectations, those who are sitting on the circumference offer their attention and support, without being with or against those who, in the center, are offering themselves.

Those who enter the Circle will be surrounded by the silence of everybody and the void that is an opportunity to listen to their voice and express it.

Recognizing each other, we will transmit our love to who is in the center.

Being aware that by caring of each other we will take care of ourselves, we will offer our loving presence through singing and touching in order to celebrate life.

The strength of a group gathered in a Circle of Union allows each participant to see with clearness and show themselves with trust, renewing their belonging to the great human family, experiencing a total presence.

Silvia Ripamonti bio

I am a certified beauty specialist, graduated in Herbal Medicine. I attended the training course in Do-In at the Popular University Maitri, I am a yoga and regenerative gymnastics teacher at the Zen School Mizu no Oto.

Alberto Spagone bio

I began in my father’s dojo when I was 4 years old, training in the practice of Aiki-jujutsu and Aikido. When I was 20, I started a journey of exploration that lead me to bump into circus art, theater and dance. Later on, I completed the School of Naturopath (Maitri Institute).  I began to teach and leading  groups, always developing and experimenting myself. Also, I joinws various communities in Europe, learning the values of collaboration and communication. My intent is to contribute to the creation of a world of peace and brotherhood, in which every living being can live in the light of the supreme good.