Sound massage with Didgeridoo

by Alessio Angelo Aveta

In this particular therapy the didgeridoo is the instrument with which one goes to interact on the patient’s auric field. Thanks to the regenerating properties of sound, which it is able to enter much more deeply than other therapeutic vehicles, it is possible to have a greater effectiveness in the discharge of heavy energies and in their reintegration. Furthermore, thanks to the relaxing power of sound, the patient is able to induce a state in which the energetic processes flow more easily, greatly aiding who is receiving  the massage in reactivate the body’s self-regenerative capacity.

Alessio Angelo Aveta bio

Alessio Angelo Aveta, multi-instrumentalist and sound explorer, begins to study music at the age of ten, a passion that will introduce him to the holistic field during adolescence, thanks to studies on the energetic properties of sound integrated with ethnomusical insights and practical experiences with the cymatic and the gold tuning at 432hz.