“Filosomatica”: Love for the Body

by Anna Fè, Mariagrazia Focolini, Vittoria Ricci

Filosomatica® – from the Greek φιλος -σομα: love of the body – is a discipline that promotes a bodily approach to communication, uses meditation techniques, body awareness exercises and verbal exchange and various holistic bodywork techniques. The various body contact settings developed under the term “Philosomatic Playground” – work on the ground, in the water, on the massage table, on the chair, on the hammock / swing, in the two-propitiated surrender in the mutual support of standing bodies, sitting or lying down (“human architecture”) – they allow you to tune in with listening to the gifts that Nature, through each element – earth, water, air, fire – makes to every living being and to us humans among others. With this we also awaken our sense of connection with the rest of the universe, our belonging to the whole (fifth element).

Filosomatica® was born initially from the personal and professional experience of Miguel Angel Bertran, professor and scholar of philosophy of language, for thirty years holistic bodyworker and teacher and trainer of the field’s teachers in various European countries. The development of the discipline has particularly availed itself of the contribution of a large research and sharing group that animates the Italian school of Filosomatica, which is based in Rome.


Anna Fè: my interest in Bodywork begins in 2003 thanks to a Thai massage course. Then I studied the basics of shiatsu and later of Gestalt Sensitive Massage, which fascinated me and because of this I could finally meet the “Filosomatica” of Miguel Angel Bertran.

Maria Grazia Focolini: my studies come from yoga (hatha and kundalini) and tai chi chuan (zen school of Scaramuccia), and from a life in the countryside that led me to contact the natural elements. I am active as a volunteer operator within the Anti-Violence Center of Orvieto. I get in contact with the Filosomatica school, that promotes communication through various techniques of bodywork as holistic operator with bodily orientation.

Vittoria Ricci: I joined the Filosomatica family in 2009 completing the three-year training course, continuing then the research through teaching. I practice and teach massage techniques in water, on the ground, on the ergonomic chair, in the hammock-swing, on the bed.