Celebration of the Feminine

by Mela Mariposa

A gathering for women to share from the heart. Pure, honest and vulnerable.

Together we hold space for each other, no matter the age or background.

We will connect to the womb, the most sacred space in a women’s body.

The center of creativity and birth.

A workshop focused on the female energy, the sexuality, the body, the womb and the celebration of the feminine powers. A sacred space to open up, to express, to share and to just be the beautiful YOU!

Together we can lift each other up.

Meditation, Heart songs, Voice work, Dance and much more.

Bring your sisters, mothers, daughters and grandmothers!

Mela Mariposa bio

Born in Switzerland, Mela is a yoga teacher, breathworker, holistic nutritionist and bodyworker. She is nowadays teaching internationally, sharing classes, workshops and retreats in India, Bali, Thailand, Spain and Switzerland. Mela’s greatest passion is all about the breath, in yoga, in breathwork, movement and sound. She studied Rebirthing breathwork with Leonard Orr and also facilitates group breathwork ceremonies. As a nurse Mela has always been interested in health, anatomy and bodywork.

Mela loves combining her knowledge as a nurse, holistic bodyworker and nutritionist. Through living and studying abroad from different cultures and backgrounds, she integrates shamanic ancient traditions, western holistics approaches, tantric teachings and Advaita Vedanta.