Body as a Musical Instrument: opening the Diaphragm and the Vocalism

by Filippo Bianca

The diaphragm is an essential muscle to our survival. It allows us to breathe even in the most drastic situations. The Voice is our means of expression, of communication, the means by which our vibration can manifest itself. The Breath is our teacher to understand the law of cycles: we take, we give, then we recover, it is an exchange, a dance between the Yin and the Yang.

In these workshops  we will dedicate ourselves to unlock the diaphragm, a muscle that often becomes a storehouse for our suspended or unresolved emotions. This will therefore allow us not only to breathe better physically, oxygenating better the tissues, but it will allow us to make space in our emotional body, and renew it. After the work of unlocking the diaphragm, we will play with our Voice, to know it better, free it  and listening to it we could even listen better to ourselves.

We will learn how to make our voice resound throughout the body, an useful exercise for relaxation and meditation. After learning this possibility, we will sing the Om, making it resonate throughout the body, to meditate and regenerate.

Filippo Bianca bio

Associate Pranic Healer ASI, Arhatic Yogi, singer and lover of singing as therapy.
He studied piano with Gaia Possenti, singing with Jacqueline Ferry and Sergio Bassi. He continues his studies about Life itself through the spiritual path of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, and spans various fields: from Theosophy to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Vedic Culture, and Vedic Singing, Sufi Knowledge related to Sound and singing, from Shamanism to Hermitage, Bi-neural Beat to Mantra Yoga, seeking a common Truth between the Ancient Disciplines.