THE TAROT GARDEN, forms and colours of our existence

Il Giardino dei Tarocchi (The Tarot Garden) is an amazing art concept created by Niki de Saint Phalle in 1979 and finished in 1996. Located in Gravicchio, a small district of Capalbio (GR), this monumental park has a strong esoteric atmosphere and is made of 22 big steel sculptures covered in coloured glasses, mirrors and precious ceramics which represent the Major Arcana.

Many artists took part in the realisation of these art pieces, especially Jean Tinguely, husband of Saint Phalle. The entrance to the park consists in a long tuff wall designed by architect Mario Bottas, in the middle of which we can find a big circular opening representing a separation between real world and fantasy.

Walking past the wall, the road leads to the great central square, with the first Major Arcana – the Magician and the High Priestess – standing above it. Actually, the park doesn’t provide a pre-set path to follow, in fact, Niki Saint Phalle wanted the numerous plants and bushes around the monuments to mislead the visitors.

The statues stand above this beautiful hills’ landscape as if they were growing out of the ground and it’s pleasing to discover them one after the other along this spiritual walk while being absorbed by the energy of the nature.

One of the most significant monuments of the park is the Hanged Man, representing the inversion of values and perspectives which give the explorer an alternative point of view to watch reality. Other greatly meaningful works are the Justice, reminding us to always judge ourselves first, and the Force, representing the 11th Major Arcana and showing a woman keeping a dragon under control solely by using a string – that’s a reference to the sculptures of the Monster Park in Bomarzo.

Through this non-stop dialogue between the nature and bright-coloured sculptures, the garden seems to achieve a great vitality, capable of making our substance vanish and transporting us to a playful and baffling new dimension. This visit will be a new and exciting experience, a journey above and beyond our soul through this mancraft that links nature, art and spirituality.

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