ISOLA BISENTINA, the access door to the etrurian underworld

Isola Bisentina is located in the central-western side of Bolsena lake. It is part of the Capodimonte territory, in the province of Viterbo. The Bisentina Island still preserves a fascinating mysterious aura swinging through history, myth and exoterism.

Surrounded by a wonderful natural environment with holm oaks and centuries-old trees, the island is home to a number of monuments including St James and Christopher’s Church, featuring architect Vignola’s dome.

This beautiful piece of the Bolsena lake is highly fascinating, not only for its panoramic view. History and legends about this place contribute to give a whole new meaning to this place, which acquires an aura of mystery. Unfortunately, there are not many traces left of the Etruscan and Roman presence in the area. In 1261, Pope Urban I conquered the island and giving it a long period of prosperity. Odoardo Farnese, Duke of Castro, ruled over the island in 1635 but he was forced to abandon it after a long conflict with the Church. In 1800, the island became a private property of the Principi del Drago family, who were the owners of the Bolsena castle and still own the island.

The historical controversies of this place contributed to a provide the island with a rich asset of artistic and cultural contaminations. The deepest Isola Bisentina’s attraction comes from the Agarthi Kingdom legend, on which russian-american theologist and philosopher Helena Balavatski focused her studies in 1875. Agarthi (meaning “the inaccessible” in Sanskrit language) is a legendary kingdom based in the centre of planet Earth.

It comes from the legend of the “hollow Earth”, that is inhabited by a peaceful population in touch with alien entities and able to employ mental and psychic energy –  the so-called “Vrill”. The only gate of access to this mysterious kingdom, in Italy, is the island Bisentina itself, that was sacred to the Etruscans. This is how an apparently small island hides its mysterious hides over the centuries.

How to reach Isola Bisentina:

  • Distance from WAO Festival : 67,2 km
  • Website:
  • Bookings: It’s not possible to visit the island because it’s a private property, but you can sail around it and watch it from a boat departing from Capodimonte. Even just a bath in its transparent waters and emerald green is worth the trip.
  • Boat rental: € 14,00 a persona 
  • Boat fee: € 9,00
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