Treatments Area

Shiatsu and Tibetan Bells with Elena Porciatti

Shiatsu is a manual treatment on the whole body characterized by pressure brought with the thumbs, the palms of the hands, the elbows and the knees. The pressures go deep along the energy meridians of the client’s body, exerting an impulse to remove blocks of physical and emotional nature. In order to promote greater relaxation during the session, I use the Tibetan bowls played directly on the body. The stimulus produced by the vibrations of the instruments helps to loosen any tension that may be present.

Elena Porciatti bio

Elena Porciatti aka Ignatia Amara, dr. In chemistry, is a shiatsu operator (Masunaga style) graduated in 2013. She has followed in-depth meditation courses on chakras and sound massage with Tibetan bowls. She is an active researcher in the field of wellness, and is also involved in the study of self-taught Mediterranean medicinal plants, experimenting, currently on herself, the power of plants in association with the massage in the treatment of certain disorders


Thai Massage with Chiara Achilli

The Thai massage has ancient origins, practiced by Buddhist monks 2500 years ago.

It is influenced by Indian Ayurvedic medicine, yoga (stretching) and traditional Chinese medicine (acupressure). The massage does not involve the use of oils, the person who receives is placed on a mattress in natural fabric placed on the ground.  The session begins with acupressure, compressions and stretches that increase in intensity as you go towards the “heart” of the massage, increasing vascular activity and favoring the expulsion of waste and toxins from the body. Reduces tiredness, loosens muscle tension, increases energy, relaxes mind and body, reduces migraines, low back pain and back pain.

Chiara Achilli bio

It all started while traveling, about 10 years ago with a great desire to discover but also to cure the symptoms caused by a big car accident, convinced that there was much more than conventional medicine. In India I started the first Thai yoga and massage classes, I was reborn and from there I never stopped studying and practicing. I learned the most solid bases at “Wat Po ‘” (Thailand) then in Gran Canaria at the “Begogna Ferrero”, school of anatomy and in Bologna I started studying Chinese medicine at the “Tao school”.


Plantar Reflexology and Radioesthesic Pranotherapy with Renata Porretti

Plantar Reflexology is a technique of more than 4000 years ago based on the pressure of specific points of the foot to restore harmony in the body and also in terms of energy. Through pressure, self-healing mechanisms of the body are stimulated by reactivating or flaming the organs. It has a highly relaxing and purifying effect.

Radioesthesic Pranotherapy combines two techniques: classical pranotherapy and the use of quartz pendulums. A check is made before the treatment on the person’s chakras to see the energy situation and then it is possible to do the pranotherapeutic technique which consists of working on the aura through the chakras and the meridians in order to bring the person back to an energy balance. This technique works deeply on an emotional and subtle level eliminating blockages and cleaning up from stagnant energy.


Blessing of the Womb with Renata Porretti

It is an energetic technique created by Miranda Gray with which works on unlocking old patterns of uterine memories and on cleaning up the stagnant energies to allow a transformation and an elevation of the feminine energy vibration. The Blessing is a truly powerful tool for rediscovering the connection with the Sacred Feminine and with the Goddess who is in every Woman.


Evolutionary Archetypal Reading – Tarot de Marseille by Renata Porretti

Tarot cards are a very ancient instrument of reading. The technique used is not divinatory but rather to see the current situation and understand where it comes from, showing the possibilities to be able to meet. The great variety of symbols, colors and details of the Camoin / Jodorowsky Tarot let a profound reading that allows us to work unconsciously with Love and Presence.

Renata Porretti bio

I practice and study since over 15 years in the holistic field. I am specialized in various healing techniques including pranotherapy and foot reflexology.
Since 5 years I have been following an esoteric path with Jodorowsky studying Tarot de Marseille, Metagenealogy, Psicomagia and Shamanism.
I am Moon Mother iniziated by Miranda Gray.
I have been following the Shamanism of the Andean and Venezuelan Cosmovision for many years working deeply with master plants and mediumship; I drive ceremonies with energetic and spiritual healing practices, medicine chants, use of shamanic drum and maracas.
Healing is my life mission and the intent is to guide people on this journey.


Intuitive magnetism and pain relief with Marie Anne Bonnet

Magnetism is a fluid that everyone possesses. Who more, who less.

It transmits energy, restores harmony, balance of body, soul and spirit. And a channeling and transmission of energy from one individual to another that leads to relaxation and relief from pain by acting on the nervous system and harmonizing it.

Marie Anne Bonnett bio

I was born and raised in Paris. Thanks to several trips that led me to learn about ancestral medicines, I started a personal journey that I enriched through the study of: shiatsu, aromatherapy, ritual constellations and intuitive energy work. These different experiences have taught me that WE are our own doctors. Women and men of medicine are our guides to understand how to restore our self-healing power: this consciousness and the different experiences with holistic medicines have led me to investigate the intuitive power of channeling energies to help the body, the spirit and the soul to learn the way that leads to the relief of pain and up to healing.


Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Tribù Colibrì

Tribù Colibrì is a group of music medicine that integrating the songs, ancestral teachings and ceremonial arts of native-American and oriental cultures, share ceremonial singing sessions with cocoa medicine where the sacred forces of nature and the universe are honored and invoked at a gathering that recreates the ancient circle of care and tribal celebration. In the circle, co-created altar, the spirit of medicine manifests itself through ourselves, when the chants become the vehicle of its strength, of sincere well-being, profound gratitude and loving understanding, it is that which incorporates in us the luminous energy that the our soul in presence drinks.

Tribù Colibrí bio

Tribù colibrì is a musical group and Artivista formed in 2013, thanks to the gathering of the Andean, Brazilian, Amazonian and North American musical arts that 5 travelers have woven in the heart of a deep and intimate community life, where study and musical experimentation are consecrated as a methodological prism of collective integration, exploration and personal and spiritual growth. In 2016 the development of the group opens up new horizons and its 5 hummingbirds choose to deepen and strengthen themselves starting from their own origins, visions and ceremonial and artistic experiences. Thus they begin a process of resizing their medicine in the circles of songs in open contexts. Sharing, it starts the recognition of the value and healing of the ritual and expressive field that they activate with two tools that they put in dance with great respect and responsibility: the first is a polyphonic repertoire of planetary ceremonial music. The second concerns the ancestral arts of cocoa that thanks to the preparation and sharing of this medicine, its ceremonial strength is awakened in these new times


Cranial Sacral Tecnique with Alice Casco

The Cranial Sacral technique is a tool for balancing the body and energy. The cranial sacral treatment consists of an encounter with the person’s body, with its physical and emotional needs.

During the treatment with a light touch, the operator’s hands treat according to specific techniques the parts of the body that are in disequilibrium and show the need to dissolve its memories, de-traumatizing it and re-balancing it. It is a technique that frees the body, detrains it, and at the same time allows the person a personal journey, in his own inner world, in order to transform the mental structures and the consolidated convictions, so as to live in a more serene way, close to his own nature and sensitivity. You will find this treatment in the house next to the Healing Area.

Alice Casco bio

Alice Casco was born in Rome on 10 January 1992.

After high school, she seeks her way, and for a few years follows her university studies in Economics and Commerce in Rome. Doubts affect many students during the course of study, but in this case the push for change is so strong, that she abandons the studies of economics, in order to enroll in the faculty of Naturopathy and holistic disciplines AICTO, in Anguillara Sabazia.

From this experience, parallel to a personal therapeutic journey, comes the awareness of wanting to live at the service of people’s psychophysical well-being.

So today Alice is a graduate student in naturopathy, follows the formation of systemic Family Constellations, and specializes in Cranial Sacral technique, the spearhead of the help tools at her disposal.


Limpia (energy cleaning) with Nicola Dentico

The limpia is a shamanic purification ceremony with which the energy exchange between the individual and the environment is again made fluid and abundant. It is always preceded by a platica, or a dialogue that starts from the heart, in the presence of the Spirit, during which the energy blocks on which to work are identified.

With the use of feathers, prayer and song, copal and herbs, the practitioner of indigenous medicine removes these blocks and puts in their place new intentions of well-being and contact with their most authentic nature, reminding to those who receive the treatment what really manifests, not a single form, but the Great Mystery.


Power Reintegration with Nicola Dentico

According to Traditional Indigenous Medicine the integration between the various parts of the being is the key to well-being and provides not only health and strength, but also mental clarity and luck. Traumas, frights and important social interactions can provoke susto, or the “loss of soul”.

In these cases the shaman is consulted to call back, within a sacred space, the fragments of lost soul and bring the individual back to a state of completeness.


Mayan Cross Reading with Nicola Dentico

The meaning of life, for the Mayan Cosmovision, is to be found in the exploration and contemplation of the world. To assist each of us in this call, tradition has transmitted us several decoding tools. One of these is astrology, which allows us to identify our nahual of the heart as well as the entire “Maya cross”, a graphic representation of our astrological matrix which takes into consideration, through the Chol ‘quij’ calendar, the relation of Earth, Venus and Saturn at the time of our birth and provides a “map” to become explorers of ourselves.

Diego Nicola Dentico bio

I am a yerbero and an ajkun (a practitioner of traditional Maya medicine).

My passions are ecology and traditional cultures, which find a natural connection in Curanderism and in the defense of ancestral territories and traditions, fundamental elements of the cultural identity of indigenous peoples. I have a degree in Educational Sciences and I received a naturopathic certificate with a research on the healing methods of the Huicholes, shamans of Mexico. In 2018, following a period of apprenticeship with a family of Mayan healers, I published the book “In the Garden of the Curanderas”.

Currently I continue my research with different masters of Mayan tradition living in an indigenous pueblo of Guatemala. Specifically I’m deepening those Tz’tujil and Quiché.


Pranic Healing with Filippo Bianca

Pranic Healing is a complete and advanced healing system that uses “prana” or life energy. Pranic Healing has its roots in ancient Chinese therapy that has the same origins as Acupressure, Chi Massage, Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese Yoga called CHI KONG. Pranic healing is able to correct imbalances through energy diagnosis, the removal of congested energies and the projection of vital energy. Through Pranic Healing the awareness of what we are becomes more and more clear allowing us to discover more and more ourselves, and thus, cleaning up the black bag of our unconscious. You can experience  Energetic treatments for Physical, Emotional and Psychic Wellbeing, Cleaning, Energization and Harmonization of Aura and Chakra. Treatments can also be specific to reduce stress, relationship and economic problems, bringing peace on an emotional and psychic level.

Filippo Bianca bio

Associate Pranic Healer ASI, Arhatic Yogi, singer and lover of singing as therapy.
He studied piano with Gaia Possenti, singing with Jacqueline Ferry and Sergio Bassi. He continues his studies about Life itself through the spiritual path of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, and spans various fields: from Theosophy to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Vedic Culture, and Vedic Singing, Sufi Knowledge related to Sound and singing, from Shamanism to Hermitage, Bi-neural Beat to Mantra Yoga, seeking a common Truth between the Ancient Disciplines.


Crystals Reading with Nausicaa De Strobel

Crystals interact with us through colors, shapes, transparencies and energy, what attracts us resembles us and helps us understand each other. In reading you can experience an instinctive approach to the stones to let our Self resound and be called, the Crystals chosen will be read to create a map of your situation and vital moment and can provide valuable advice on what and where to listen to improve.

Nausicaa De Strobel bio

Nausicaa de Strobel is 2nd level  crystal therapist of the Crystal Academy Of Advanced Arts, founding member of Harmony of Life Association, Reiki and Bars facilitator. She spreads positive thinking and spirituality. Goldsmith and designer of great value, she creates energetic jewelry thanks to the knowledge of sacred geometry and crystals.