Playfight – The counscious fight

by Matteo Tangi and Tania Coelho

Playfight is a powerful tool of self knowledge and transformation.

We Playfight to know more ourselves, our strength, our inner power and learn to use it consciously in relationship with others. A safe space to express our own inner conscious warrior.

We use a unique formula that combine wrestling and mindfulness.

Wrestling to engage the body and the strength in a safe and respectful way.

Mindfulness to observe what happen on a deeper level. What emotions are triggered, what unconscious patterns become evident and how can I play (my life) in a different way.

Playfight is not a solo journey, but a group practice. We gather in circle, and we Playfight in the middle.

We bond, we relate and we support each other.

We use wrestling but there are no winners or losers.

We use our strength but we don’t hurt each other.We train our conscious warrior to develop inner peace.

Matteo Tangi bio

I’m Matteo Tangi and my love for Playfight began when I was a kid.

At the beach, on the grass, me and my friends would wrestle for hours, having so much fun, feeling ecstatic and connected to one another.

Growing up something changed. Being physical and close was not common anymore, using the strength even less, only allowed if in a frame of martial arts or sports.

Few years ago I decided to reclaim that playfulness, that freedom of using my body, my strength and my feelings and from there Playfight was born. Since then this is my regular practice, a way to meet myself and others in respect, honesty and care. A way to use my body and my strength at its fullest, being super aware of each movement, each breath, each touch.

Nowadays I passionately share this art with people, empowering them to facilitate their circles and together creating an international network to support and develop Playfight.

My dream is that in each city of the world people would gather in circle reclaiming and enjoying our beautiful human nature.

Tania Coelho bio

Early in my life I started searching for a different way of living, of learning and being. I was rarely fulfilled with my discoveries until I said “enough with searching, now I want to be”. I could then relax and enter in an inner journey of accepting who I am as I am. I enjoy living a peaceful, relaxed life focused on being more than doing and this is what I wish to transmit.
My wish is to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and full potential. No more feeling bad about ourselves and needing to reach certain standard! I wish us to rise in our glory has sisters, mothers, wives and most important women!