Water: the Sacred Element of Life

by Filippo Bianca

Experiential seminar dedicated to the discovering in depth of one of the Sacred elements: Water.

We will see how this element interacts with aspects of life, what are its qualities and potentialities, how it conducts information, containing memories; why it is considered  as a purifying element, what is its importance for life itself. We will study Water to be familiar with it and give it the value it deserves. We will then learn how to interact with Water thanks to meditation techniques that use Listening and Singing.

We will learn to listen to the liquids inside the body, to approach the external waters and how to enter into energetic communion with the water through the Song, especially with the Song of the Bija Mantra of Water: VAM.

We invite you to bring a bottle of water, filled with spring water or spring.

(at the WAO you can find fountains with mountain water).

Filippo Bianca bio

Associate Pranic Healer ASI, Arhatic Yogi, singer and lover of singing as therapy.
He studied piano with Gaia Possenti, singing with Jacqueline Ferry and Sergio Bassi. He continues his studies about Life itself through the spiritual path of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, and spans various fields: from Theosophy to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Vedic Culture, and Vedic Singing, Sufi Knowledge related to Sound and singing, from Shamanism to Hermitage, Bi-neural Beat to Mantra Yoga, seeking a common Truth between the Ancient Disciplines.