The Medicine Voice: the Medicine of Song and Song of Medicine

by Monica Xena Enani

“It is not so much that the song is sacred, as the bond that it creates among the beings”

Philippe Barraqué

The shamans, Medicine Men and Women, since ancient times used the sound of the voice and song as a powerful instrument of healing, of communication with Nature, with the Elements and Spirits, as prayer and therefore as a means of communication with the deities. A sound of care then, that we can produce with the most Sacred instrument, present in every Body, which we have been endowed as Human Beings. We just have to remember how to use it and make it work in all its parts, clean up the various energy centers as if we were a living flute. A vibrating sound capable of creating harmony within us, in relationships and in our Life, raising our frequencies and not only healing ourselves but reconnecting ourselves to Essence by coming into contact with our most ancient, eternal and authentic part of ourselves.

Drums and rattles are welcome, to sing “Medicine Song” together.

Monica Xena Enani bio

The Song in general was for me first of all a path of personal healing, since only 12 years ago my vocal cords were completely ruined. I worked on my voice in different ways, from breathing to more technical exercises. The choir to find our place in the harmony of Creation. Unlock ancient wounds or personal / family limits through small psychomagic acts and dramatized works. I worked with different masters and, following my passion, I met Medicine Women and Men of different shamanic traditions. In the Medicine Song and in particular in the Shamanic Natural Song I rediscovered a form of Sacred Art, a Sound Meditation able to connect to the Source vibrating in a subtle dimension of existence. The Medicine Song  opens our Heart, a channel of Universal Love that allows us to flow together raising our vibrations and uniting where everything is interconnected.