Sacred Forms Dance and Liveset

by Elvira Todaro e Jose Luis Reyes Criado

“SacredForms Dance and LiveSet” is a gathering of practices in nature that investigates the approaching processes of the Collective Katharsis (from the Greek katharsis, κάθαρσις, “purification”) and the Ecstasy (from the Greek: έκσταση, ex-stasis, being out ) during a musical DJ set, through holistic disciplines, dance, poetry and guided visualizations. The research, the definition of practices and music is based on the deepening of the study about the trinomial Man / Sacred / Nature.

The practices will involve posture, voice, dance, massage, contact, movement in space, physical contact through Creative Meditation, Feldenkrais Method, Awareness and Development of Creativity, Body Expression, poems and dances of the 4 elements, Sacred and Archaic Dances, Ritual Performances.

Elvira Todaro bio

Elvira Todaro born in Kansas City in USA and resident in Pisa, is an artist, teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, performer and dance teacher (ANMB National Association of Dance Masters). She is Art Director at the “Le Tre Buche” Holistic Center in Pisa. She teaches sacred oriental dance since 2002.

Jose Luis Reyes Criado bio

Jose Luis Reyes Criado born in Cordoba in Spain and resident in Pisa, is a multidisciplinary artist, performer and DJ. He graduated in Scenography, ESAD, at the “Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático”. He is a lover of the subject of Design for Sacred Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro, Italy. He is a founding member of the festive / katartic movement “The Cave of Forgotten Dreams”.

SACRED FORMS founders, a project of holistic research and artistic and interdisciplinary production, which aims to unite the human-Sacred-Nature trinomial.