Qi Gong: gathering the Universal Energy

by Naida Luna

During the workshop we will use simple movements to activate the meridians, waking up the joints and energize the body, then we will focus in the Qi Gong practice itself, which it will allow us to gather Universal Qi, the life force , giving us a sense of connection, vastness and wellbeing. We are our own doctors, the Vital Energy is a always available medicine! We will start with a warm up, then with a meridians activation followed by a Qi Gong sequence to move and exchange our energy with the Universal One. The session will end with a visualization created to send healing and harmony to every living being.

Naida Luna bio

Naida Luna lives a life inspired by art, love and respect for Mother Earth and the care of the body, our Temple. Travels and lives in eco-friendly communities since 2006, communities in which the harmonious development and the search for self are a fundamental basis of coexistence, developing on this path compassion and clarity of purpose. Always interested in exploring inner states through movement and body language, she is trained as a Yoga and Qigong teacher.

When she realized the power of musical transmission and its creative potential, she found in the vibrational medicine its unique means to spread harmony and healing.