Opening Ceremony

by Mela Mariposa and Velka Sai

Dear Souls, Welcome to the Opening Ceremony of WAO Festival 2018. Everyone from every direction of the Planet is invited to come to celebrate the beginning of this beautiful gathering. Come to the Healing Area where all begins, letting ourselves stop for a moment and breathe, so we can move, dance and heal freely. We will gather together to build a foundation, to feel our community, to connect on all levels, deep down, high up to the sky, within and around into all the directions, with a clear heart. We will be brought to our center  by the inspirational guide of Mela and the deep voice of Velka Sai , with the intention to connect to ourselves and to each other, from the inside to the outside, to bring peace and harmony into all beings during this six days of celebration. We aim to honor the land, Mother Earth, she who gives us so many gifts and blessings and asking permission to all the beings that will host us.

We will sing, pray, give our contribute to this magic to happen, aware that all is One, and all that we do, think, say will have its reflection as a mirror in the Universe our Home in front of the Spirit’s fire. So all together we are creating, manifesting all the beauty we love to see around us. We will then move, quietly united in a walk in which every step will be led by the rhythm of the heart of Mother Earth. We will feel Her, breath Her, sing Her until we will reach the MainFloor  and spiraling around, remembering and just hearing the Voice of the Divine feminine offering Herself to all That it IS, of which all we are part, by the smoothness and the kindness of Joy, where all can feel safe.

Come and bring in your Be-ing,

let’s create this magic together with the Greatest Intention: Love, Respect, Unity.

With Love Mela, Velka Sai and The Healing Temple


Velka Sai bio

Eleonora Giudizi aka Velka-Sai is an alchemic artist. Her eclectic personality translates into a powerful vocal style but at same time refined, ancestral and evocative. Constantly looking for new artistic stimuli, her sonic capabilities identify her as a versatile performer, able to express naturally and talented in various musical styles .. in songs that belong to the ethnic and sacred tradition.
Thanks to a deep path of soul searching in the vast universe of sound meditation, she felt that her voice could be put at the service of whom, like her, believes that the sound is a privileged means to discover the powerful inner Harmony, and to connect with the divine within us.


Mela Mariposa bio

Born in Switzerland, Mela is a yoga teacher, breathworker, holistic nutritionist and bodyworker. She is nowadays teaching internationally, sharing classes, workshops and retreats in India, Bali, Thailand, Spain and Switzerland. Mela’s greatest passion is all about the breath, in yoga, in breathwork, movement and sound. She studied Rebirthing breathwork with Leonard Orr and also facilitates group breathwork ceremonies. As a nurse Mela has always been interested in health, anatomy and bodywork.

Mela loves combining her knowledge as a nurse, holistic bodyworker and nutritionist. Through living and studying abroad from different cultures and backgrounds, she integrates shamanic ancient traditions, western holistics approaches, tantric teachings and Advaita Vedanta.