Expand The Box

by Matteo Tangi and Tania Coelho

Expand The Box is a safe and transformative space where you will dive into the depth of yourself. Through the exploration of new thought maps, practical exercises and group processes, you will increase the capacity of expressing yourself, connecting with others and opening up to your authenticity.

 You will discover the power of your feelings, learn to be centered in difficult situations, get to know your personal hand brakes and the parts of you that keep you away from manifesting what you truly long for!

We will start with a little introduction about feelings, presenting a map that will show you how many judgments we have on Anger, Sadness, Fear and even Joy.
We will then go to a practical experience to explore the difference between when we avoid responsibility of our feelings, putting them on others and blaming others for what we feel, and when we take full responsibility of them, owning them.
This will open the doors to discover the archetypal power of our feelings, meeting  the figures of the Warrior, the Lover, the Magician and the King. 4 amazing archetypes that can guide us in the daily life and empower us to use our feelings to go beyond the usual challenges.

Beyond the walls there is the real human being.

Vulnerable, insecure, sensitive

and strong in the Heart.

I invite you to a journey

to put down those walls and

to get to know your authentic self.

Matteo Tangi bio

With the question: “what is my purpose?” many years ago I left my home to start a journey of discovery. Passionately I’ve been seeking the answer, travelling to more than thirty countries, meeting inspiring teachers, exploring different ways to live and different path of personal development, until one day something in me changed.

A new longing raised in me. The wish of slowing down, doing less and having less, awoke in me. Instead of seeking and achieving something I wanted to Be and breath. Set roots and enjoy the small things.

To take life less serious and reconnect with the playfulness, the lightness and the contentment.

Today I live my life dancing with this two energies. Yin and Yang, being and doing, accepting and transforming, staying and moving. Helping other to find their balance and to explore their potential is my work.

Tania Coelho bio

Early in my life I started searching for a different way of living, of learning and being. I was rarely fulfilled with my discoveries until I said “enough with searching, now I want to be”. I could then relax and enter in an inner journey of accepting who I am as I am. I enjoy living a peaceful, relaxed life focused on being more than doing and this is what I wish to transmit.
My wish is to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and full potential. No more feeling bad about ourselves and needing to reach certain standard! I wish us to rise in our glory has sisters, mothers, wives and most important women!