Dynamic Yoga: motionless action and presence in movement

by Alex Canazei

In this workshop we will explore the concepts of balance and grace from the point of view of yoga. By defining grace as harmony in movement and balance as the ability to feel and adapt the movement of the body in relation to gravity and external forces, so that stability and centering can be reached effortlessly, it becomes easy to understand how the proprioceptive abilities typical of the yoga practice, allows to create in who practices it, a feeling of trust and well-being that will accompany him throughout the day. By combining the linearity of traditional yoga and the modern myofascial approach to biomechanics and natural movement, we will discover simple tricks that will make our practice more profitable and enjoyable.

Alex Canazei bio

Alex Canazei has been studying yoga since 2006, starting with a Vipassana meditation course followed by the first trip to India. During  other eight trips he deepened the traditional yoga, which he then integrated with the western approach, studying above all in London. He is certified in different styles (hatha, sivananda, ashtanga, vinyasa, power, rocket, budokon, anusara, nidra, therapeutic yoga, thai yoga massage, acroyoga) which blends in its teaching, trying in every moment to instill his love for yoga, the ideal tool to create a strong body and a relaxed mind, adding a necessary dose of humor to keep students’ attention alive and participant.