Biotransenergetics – Contacting the archetypal forces

by Sara Gambelli and Alessia Savino

Biotransenergetics (BTE) is a deeply innovative transpersonal methodology, that through a participatory vision offers the tools for an incessant dialogue between the individual and his environment, between the limits of personal history and the qualities of the higher self. In this workshop you will be invited, in an individual and collective working dimension, to enter into this dialogue through a specific structure of movements, which will lead to expand the group’s collective consciousness and reach contact with some Archetypal Forces (Elements of Nature), or “Orixas” in the language of Afro-Brazilian spiritual tradition.

When the rational mind gives way to the ecstatic mind, a space of well-being opens within us, in which we feel in harmony with all that surrounds us. Biotransenergetics practice wants to create the conditions for an ecstatic journey in which you will realize that, in every instant, the universe and its Forces are your allies and will accompany you in a process of healing and alignment with the highest qualities of your Self .

The workshop will be divided into different phases:

  1. a brief explanation on Biotransenergetics: where it comes from, vision, models and maps.
  2. Practice of mind-body techniques. You will stay in the structure created.
  3. Move in the flow: the whole circle will be free to express what the body feels. You will be accompanied by the sound of the shamanic drum and you will dance with awareness.
  4. Circle of medicine: all in a relaxed circle with the head pointing towards the center.
Sara Gambelli bio

She is a transpersonal psychotherapist and apprentice in the teaching course of the Integral Transpersonal Institute – Biotransenergetica of Milan. Born in the Marche region, she trained in Psychology at “La Sapienza University” of Rome, she is also a Yoga teacher. He lived in Brazil, developing a passion for shamanism and Meso-American cultures, deepening the study of the Umbanda, of Nagualism, walking the Maya-Toltec path. For years he has worked as a Trainer for companies with the aim of bringing the transpersonal vision in areas of the “old paradigm”, promoting a change of vision. He leads BTE groups and devotes herself to therapy with patients in central Italy.


Alessia Savino bio

Alessia is a transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist training at the Integral “Transpersonal Institute – Biotransenergetica” of Milan. Born in Lombardy, she specialized in Developmental Psychology and Communication in Milan. She leads theatrical workshops for children and adolescents, deepening herstudies in group-size therapies with body mediation. She traveled to India and Brazil, developing interest in ancient spiritual traditions and shamanism, approaching the study of what are called “sacred technologies” in the treatment processes. She is a spiritual researcher and a lover of nature and music, she deepens her study and practice of healing through the use of master plants coming from the Amazon and sacred songs. She leads BTE groups and is devoted to therapy with patients in northern Italy.