Yoga Nidra

by Vijaya Shakti Kumari

Join me in Shavasana for 60 minutes and experience the ancient healing technique of Yoga Nidra. Available to anyone over age 16.  Do you have a Sankalpa (purpouse)? Is there something you want in your life? Is there something you want to stop in your life?

Yoga Nidra means Psychic Sleep, and it delves deep into your subconscious allowing you to enter a in-between state of consciousness where you are neither awake nor sleeping.

Yoga Nidra comes from the Tantras (Nyasa) and it is a 4000 year-old technique which was adapted for people by SatyanandaJi. It is the easiest, most relaxing, most effective and therapeutic from of Yoga that exist!  We can help others to HEAL with this Ancient technique. It enables people to create their destiny and be in control of their health… It’s a form of therapy which involves no exercise. Its effects are underestimated. Medical Research shows the depth of the healing effects of Yoga Nidra.  How it expands the mind to whole new levels, increases endorphins levels, memory, aids in anxiety and depression, addictions and much more. In the state of Yoga Nidra the body doesn’t need to be told to RELAX, it does so automatically so you can deeply get into your subconscious where you become the creator of your Dreams.  How deep can you go into your subconscious? That is up to you!

There is no movement, and focus is not required, you need just your awareness..  follow the voice and allow yourself to let go… experience yourself where you are neither sleeping nor fully awake!

Vijaya Shakti Kumari bio

I have been many things in my life, a Lawyer, a Lecturer.. but I was never satisfied with these lifestyles.  Being Indian, Yoga is a part of my life, having practiced from a young age I took Yoga for granted.  Over the past 15 years I have really started to focus on the true benefits of Yoga and I am not talking about Asana and Pranayama – Yoga is so much more than that.  I am talking about the true meaning of Yoga – Connection and Union of Mind and Body, feeling and becoming that oneness and ultimately healing the self in order to heal others.

I am a Yoga Therapy/Meditation Instructor.  I conduct Yoga Nidra workshops in different countries.  I am currently working on an online project which involves the true meaning of Yoga.  Satyananda taught members of my family Yoga Nidra directly and now I would like to share that with you – Lets heal together!