Vinyasa Yoga and the Breath of the Soul

by Stefania Migliore

The workshop is structured around a deep relaxation on the ground, Shavasana.
We focus on the breath, on the functioning of bodily processes and on the visualization of perceptions.
It continues with the practice of Ujjai breathing (victorious breath), the internal organs are massaged and the soul warms up.
The central part of the practice is dedicated to the execution of the Asanas. Each Asana opens infinite worlds, it is we who, constantly evolving, are able to grasp sensations that we were previously unable to grasp and it begins with an inspiration, assimilating energy. It stabilizes itself by the attention to body alignments. Inhaling  and exhaling in the position we spread energy throughout the body. It  closes with an exhalation, releasing energy into the universe. The path ends with an experience of relaxation lying on your back in Shavasana, during which we will live together some dream journeys through the rhythm of the vital organs. The pranic flow that flows energetically in the body opens hearts and connects us.

Stefania Migliore bio

My path starts at the age of 17 with the practice of kung fu, from which I learned the meaning of the discipline (Kung Fu, from Chinese means hard work). At 25, immersed in the flow of life, I find myself practicing yoga, Ashtanga yoga, under the guidance of Gabriele Severini. Since then I never stopped anymore. I have been practicing daily for 12 years and what gives me the incentive to move forward is the ability to discover new dimensions in the repetition of the same actions. I graduated from Csen in 2018, at the Academy of Oriental Culture in Rome under the guidance of Paola Caterina del Monaco. What I can offer is a humble support for those who want to practice yoga; I like to feel the imperceptible through the concentration on the body and to help others on this powerful journey.
I deeply love teaching, learning, guiding and sharing. I believe in the reciprocal exchange of prana in every experience and for me teaching Yoga is putting energy into circulation. I give my experience and my love at your disposal, in case you need a Yoga teacher.