“Tribù Colibrì” Medicine Songs

Tribù Colibrì is a group of medicine music, which thanks to the integration of songs, ancestral teachings and the ceremonial arts of Native American and Oriental cultures, live and activate ceremonial sessions of music and sharing where the sacred forces of nature and the universe are honored and invoked in a gathering which recreates the ancient circle of healing and tribal celebration. The circle as an archetype, an altar of study and experimentation, invites us to co-create a portal that connects us with our divine presence, taking care of and recontacting our genuine voice. And so to heal, enjoying our uniqueness that is espresse as luminous and harmonized in the rhythm and in the force that moves like a spiral, spreading on the horizon guitars, drums, sitar, rattles, bells and flutes. Vibrating in the power of a single voice that awakens, finding vision and strength to blossom from the heart, transcending everyday life, living the sense of the universe on earth, integrated in the architecture of peace, in gratitude, singing and manifesting what in life has its sweetest and happiest essence: Love.

Tribù Colibrí bio

Tribù colibrì is a musical group and Artivista formed in 2013, thanks to the gathering of the Andean, Brazilian, Amazonian and North American musical arts that 5 travelers have woven in the heart of a deep and intimate community life, where study and musical experimentation are consecrated as a methodological prism of collective integration, exploration and personal and spiritual growth. In 2016 the development of the group opens up new horizons and its 5 hummingbirds choose to deepen and strengthen themselves starting from their own origins, visions and ceremonial and artistic experiences. Thus they begin a process of resizing their medicine in the circles of songs in open contexts. Sharing, it starts the recognition of the value and healing of the ritual and expressive field that they activate with two tools that they put in dance with great respect and responsibility: the first is a polyphonic repertoire of planetary ceremonial music. The second concerns the ancestral arts of cocoa that thanks to the preparation and sharing of this medicine, its ceremonial strength is awakened in these new times.