The harmonic voice and ecstatic singing

by Mauro Tiberi

An introductory seminar on the harmonic voice and its secrets

The “harmonic song” as it is known in the West is an ancient vocal technique prevalent mainly in the center of Asia, which consists of a corpus of techniques that allow the voice to simultaneously sing a vowel tone with a flute melody of sounds on it very sharp.

This “technique” or “discipline” allows the body to express its innate musicality, an archaic musicality that comes before music or singing as an art. This sound of the human voice carries all the baggage of the conscience of the one who emits, who sings this sound.

This vocal world has its roots in shamanic ecstatic techniques, in the song of healing and purification, in divination singing in which through the perfect integration and harmonization of the breath, the body and the mind one has the possibility of vision and widening of the consciousness .

Mauro Tiberi bio

Polyhedric musician and producer of the Italian scene, with projects with the American bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma, with the Siberian singer Sainkho Namtchylack, with the shamanic blues of Youri DeFrance, previously alongside Markus Stockhausen and Michiko Hirayama and recently with Menades for choir and psychedelic quartet and with Around Umma Gumma to revise the most psychedelic record by Pink Floyd always with the Kairos group directed by Tiberi himself. For over 10 years he has been organizing summer meetings on shared singing at the “Basilica of San Giorgio al Velabrio” in Rome. Meetings that aim to lead the participants to the sound in a splendid acoustics of this basilica of circa 1600 years of history. Furthermore, he is a trainer and conductor of study groups on the potential of the voice and how it is a powerful tool to know and develop ourselves.