Shamanic Ceremonial Journey

by Alessandra and Edmundus

Ancestral sounds and voices of native traditions will guide us towards an expansion and exploration of the subtle in a transpersonal dimension.

Music is sound, color, noise, dance, communication with the divine, “technology of the sacred” that since ancient times mankind has practiced to access transpersonal states in which it is possible to understand with the heart, to hear, to thank and to communicate with the divine, with that place where our dormant talents dwell.

Music and song are an active Force with the power to influence the human being on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, pushing the individual to search the “beyond” and contributing to the awakening of those resources that are ultimately its deepest qualities.

In this meeting we will celebrate life and its elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire and the Great Spirit that includes and supports everything.

Thanks to the medicine music of the heart we will gather in a deep listening and presence collective meditation to let the heart sing and the conscience journeying.

The meeting includes the participation of max 30 people

Alessandra and Edmunds bio

Edmunds is a retreat facilitator and musician. For over 15 years he has devoted himself to the research of the potential of human conscience, a path that led him to live in Peru to deepen the study of master plants as a tool of inner research.

His intention, in life as in work, is to integrate his study with non-dualistic practices in order to support the natural growth of each individual towards higher levels of awareness.

Alessandra is a therapist, mother and doula. Her journey has led her to refine empathy and acceptance. With her presence and her singing she offers service during the circles, helping to create a balance between male and female energies in the work.