Playfight – The conscious fight

by Ambra Corradi and Fabio Bisotti

Playfight is a powerful tool of self knowledge and transformation.
We Playfight to know more ourselves, our strength, our inner power and learn to use it consciously in relationship with others. A safe space to express our own inner conscious warrior.

We use a unique formula that combine wrestling and mindfulness.
Wrestling to engage the body and the strength in a safe and respectful way.
Mindfulness to observe what happen on a deeper level. What emotions are triggered, what unconscious patterns become evident and how can I play (my life) in a different way.

Playfight is not a solo journey, but a group practice.
We gather in circle, and we Playfight in the middle.
We bond, we relate and we support each other.
We use wrestling but there are no winners or losers.
We use our strength but we don’t hurt each other.
We train our conscious warrior to develop inner peace.

Fabio Bisotti bio

I am a Yoga teacher (hatha and ashtanga vinyasa yoga) and a somatic/body facilitator, I have been conducting group and individual courses since 2015. I deepen the world of helping relationship through a journey into the Family Systemic Constellations and work on Trauma; convinced that everything passes from the contact with the body, I deepen the correlation between mind and body following exploration proposals through Body Mind Centering, Floorwork, Experiential Anatomy. In this journey, I meet Playfight in 2018 and the enormous potential of exploration, connection and evolution that it brings and I choose to start integrating it into my help/listening proposals.

Ambra Corradi bio

I am a professional educator, working for years with teenagers in the different contexts they go through; at school, holding workshops that deal with different topics, in community centers, on the streets and in minor protection centers. Since 2017 I graduated in Theater Therapy. For many years I have been studying the body and its movement through Contact Improvisation, Bioenergetics and Dance Therapy. In this research I meet Playfight in the summer of 2018.