Organic Music Co-Creation

by Intiche

Immerse yourself in Space and Time where you can feel safe and free to fly, release, create, express, be playful and connect with your inner spirit. All together accompanied by organic music we will co-create a space that will lead you to your intuition and creativity. Through dance, breathwork and bodywork and walking meditation you will have a transformative experience in which the Intiche sound will transport  you into the heart of  jungle, over the mountain, across the seas, flying through space and back as we stamp the grounds of the Pachamama soil together and shake the spirits to the bones.

Intiche bio

Born in Buenos Aires, based in Berlin since 2000, Germany. His passion for music began from the early age of four, he began playing acoustic instruments. At age 12, he began combing these instruments with electronic music. After countless journeys through South America, Africa and Europe he set up his studio in Berlin to dine into the world of the electronic music scene to develop his own unique style of organic electronic music.- The music of Intiche is a deep fusion of natural organic sounds, traditional instruments and music inspired from various ancient cultures from around the world combined with minimal, trance, tribal and electronic downtempo beats. It serves as a messenger for the people to connect deeply with themselves, each other and with our planet through the magic of music. Intiche has played an extensive number of  gigs around the world – From music festivals (such as Ozora, Fusion Festival), ecstatic dances (in Berlin, Brussels, Antwerp) , ceremonies, sound journeys, healing gatherings (Bali Spirit Festival) to indoor clubs (Kater Blau, Berghain Kantine).