Opening Ceremony

by Nausicaa De Strobel, Elisa La Ferrara and Velka Sai

Dear Souls, Welcome to the Opening Ceremony of WAO Festival 2018. Everyone from every direction of the Planet is invited to come to celebrate the beginning of this beautiful gathering. Come to the Healing Area where our celebration begins, letting ourselves stop for a moment and breathe, so we can move, sing and be one with another. We will gather together to feel unity connecting to our  wonderful surrounding, Mother Nature, the Four Directions and with our center, the heart to reach the sacred within us. We will be lead by a Crystals medicine wheel that with their wiseness  will bring us the awareness we need to know what is our place in the Universe and driven by the sweet voice of Nausicaa we will flow into the to our center holding one to another as oneness. Then we will sing the medicine we are with Elisa, which with her gentle touch will open our hearts in order to witness that all is possible and simple. We will then move, quietly united in a walk in which every step will be led by the rhythm of the heart of Mother Earth. We will feel Her, breath Her, sing Her until we will reach the MainFloor  where the astonishing voice of Velka Sai will offer us another journey into beauty and sound, remembering and just hearing the Voice of the Divine Feminine nurturing and making us feel strong and joyful.

Let’s create this magic together with the Greatest Intention: Love, Respect, Unity.

Nausicaa De Strobel bio

Nausicaa de Strobel is 2nd level  crystal therapist of the Crystal Academy Of Advanced Arts, founding member of Harmony of Life Association, Reiki and Bars facilitator. She spreads positive thinking and spirituality. Goldsmith and designer of great value, she creates energetic jewelry thanks to the knowledge of sacred geometry and crystals.

Velka Sai bio

Eleonora Giudizi aka Velka-Sai is an alchemic artist. Her eclectic personality translates into a powerful vocal style but at same time refined, ancestral and evocative. Constantly looking for new artistic stimuli, her sonic capabilities identify her as a versatile performer, able to express naturally and talented in various musical styles .. in songs that belong to the ethnic and sacred tradition.
Thanks to a deep path of soul searching in the vast universe of sound meditation, she felt that her voice could be put at the service of whom, like her, believes that the sound is a privileged means to discover the powerful inner Harmony, and to connect with the divine within us.

Elisa La Ferrara bio

I am Elisa Uri La Ferrara, I was born in Turin in 1979 and since I was a child dance and music have colored my life with dreams. I studied Body Expression and Dance Theater for fifteen years, then I deepened my studies with Authentic Movement, Yoga, Fooling and Contact Dance. For seven years I have been practicing Toltec shamanism, I write Medicine Songs and work on the Voice-Soul connection. I study Processwork, a transpersonal methodology that connects Taoism, Shamanism, Jungian analysis and Quantum Physics, which inspires my Creative Counseling. I lived in different types of communities, developing a strong sense of connection with nature, learning different methods of facilitation and community building. I am a SIAF-registered Professional Holistic Worker.

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