Journey in the Sacred Temple of the Heart

by Nausicaa De Strobel

Accompanied by the presence and energy of the Crystals, this experience will take you on an inner journey in the Sacred Temple of the Heart Chakra to awaken the power of Love within each of us.The activity will take place around a mandala of crystals and stones in which all four elements in relation to each direction will be present.The mandala will be the portal that will help each of us to tune into our center, to cleanse the mind and emotions in order to make space for the Light of the Self. The subtle vibrations and purity of the mineral world will activate an energy field that will allow you a deeper and clearer connection.

This journey awakens our Love potential, Love as a divine universal energy that brings in Peace and Grace the soul to the supreme unity, that everyone can touch beyond the barriers of mind and separation. Once activated the Sacred Temple of the Heart we will use this energy to bring healing and care to ourselves and to the entire planet.

Nausicaa De Strobel bio

Nausicaa de Strobel is 2nd level  crystal therapist of the Crystal Academy Of Advanced Arts, founding member of Harmony of Life Association, Reiki and Bars facilitator. She spreads positive thinking and spirituality. Goldsmith and designer of great value, she creates energetic jewelry thanks to the knowledge of sacred geometry and crystals.