Experential laboratory Presence / Absence

by Cristina Pedetta

This laboratory is part of a cycle of 4 all interconnected experiential laboratories, which stems from twenty years of experience in acting pedagogy combined with the experience in the field of the spirit forming a single path.
We often hear and read about the importance of rooting, connecting to the Heart to experience Unity with the Whole and to flow easily into the earth plane. There are many resistances that this period is giving us and it is precisely for this reason that once again we are asked to stay in the Presence.

But what does Presence mean?

It means accessing and exercising the Observer that is naturally present within each of us but that due to distractions, the environment, culture and our own fears and beliefs, we are not able to implement it. However, the human being has the good fortune to reach his goals on different roads, all honorable and practicable, where the body and the game is one of them.
Since the dawn of its birth the theater in fact bases everything on the presence, “the here and now” that is exercised according to different schools of thought and methods.
Presence / Absence therefore wants to bring with it the experience of theater with the experience of the spiritual technology field, thus merging a system, a working method on which to practice and experience the Observer.

The laboratory is therefore open to all those who want to train their own Being to the Listening of Self and the Other.

Cristina Pedetta bio

Cristina Pedetta was born and lives  in Rome, she comes from the world of theater and besides being an interpreter in several Italian companies, she worked for about 15 years in the world of theatrical pedagogy aimed at professionalism. Thanks to this experience of life and not only of the professional, she was able to express her personality at its best and to have an active and concrete experience of her creativity. In parallel to work and artistic studies, she attended holistic studies and practiced techniques for healing and well-being. Since about 7 years, she is master in Akashic Records dealing with personal growth and wellness groups. The main purpose of her work is to spread practical tools to initiate processes of awareness and healing that she calls Integrated Akasha. We are Wonderful Beings without rankings in a perfect and Divine order, as in a large orchestra, everyone play his instrument, or rather does his job. I listen to him and I invite him to tune himself.


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