Energy Cultivation Techniques

by Gabriele Radino

The focus of this workshop is to provide a set of basic principles of Chinese, Indian and Western techniques through the lowest common denominator that unites them, which is the energy as chi, prana, ki, ether, etc.

By getting to know the principles that guide the work with energy, we can introduce these same principles into everyday life to live our lives in creativity and fullness.

The workshop will be divided into 3 parts: 2 static at the beginning and at the end, and a dynamic in the middle.

For the initial “static” part I start with concentration exercises which aim to direct the mind towards a single point of attention in a prolonged manner, in order to expand our abilities both in meditation and in daily life. Followed by basic techniques for listening to the body and its ability to self-heal with the help of breathing. For the dynamic part we will do Qi Gong to stimulate energy in the body and make it stronger and at the same time more flexible. Then we will end the practice with a meditative part to concentrate the energy in a specific point of the body, concluding with a defense technique of the energetic body designed to create a protective screen for the work done.

Gabriele Radino bio

Professional tattooist since 1998, I accompany this to my passion for spiritual disciplines and self-knowledge. In particular I have been studying and practicing Chinese arts for 15 years, first with the garden of idle masters with yang-style Tai chi, then with Yi quan BYTC with Davide De Santis and again with the therapeutic Qi gong of the “Spring Forest Qi gong” by Chunyi Lyn. In support of this I have studied shiatsu, Thai massage, Chinese and Indian alchemic techniques, reiki and various forms of Buddhist, Taoist, Tantric and Yogic meditation. My studies have led me to recognize the minimum common denominators of these disciplines and to spread what I have learned to others.