Dream Body – Biotransenergetics

by Francesca Candiani and Alisa Reikher

Biotransenergetics (BTE) is a current of Transpersonal Psychology that integrates ancient methods of treatment with modern psychology. The Body of the Dream is an innovative methodology, among the various BTE practices, which allows us to come into contact and dialogue with different Natural Forces or Archetypes, called Orixàs in the Afro-Brazilian tradition of Umbanda.

Through these dynamic meditations we start from the integration of a specific structure of movements, breathing and vision to reach the root and the fluidity necessary to expand the consciousness and experience the innumerable qualities and resources of our psyche.

The aim of the workshop is to become aware of the incessant dialogue between the individual and the environment, between the limits of personal history and the qualities of the higher Self. You will be invited, in a dimension of both individual and collective work. This practice of Biotransenergetics aims to create the conditions for an ecstatic journey in which you will realize that, at every moment, the universe and its Forces are allied to you and will accompany you in a process of healing and alignment to the highest qualities of your Self . When the rational mind gives way to the ecstatic mind, a space of well-being opens up within us in which we feel ourselves in harmony with everything that surrounds us.


Francesca Candiani bio

Francesca is a psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist in training at the Integral Transpersonal Institute – Biotransenergetica of Milan.

Born in Lombardy, she specialized in Developmental and Communication Psychology in Milan. She has worked as an educator in various social fields. She currently works in a center that deals with immigration and women victims of violence. She loves being in nature, in her spare time she dedicates herself to the management of a small vineyard and vegetable garden, as well as long walks in the mountains. She lived in Spain, in Granada, for three years and it is here that, albeit unconsciously, she began to take the first steps towards the transpersonal and spiritual world, arriving today with a modest store of knowledge in different fields (yoga, kung fu , meditation, crystal therapy, Reiki, natural cosmetics, etc.).


Alisa Reikher bio

Alisa is a medicine woman who believes in the enormous potential of every individual to heal himself. Since she was a child she was fascinated by the magic and fluid nature of the reality that surrounds us, and as she grew up she discovered the enormous potential for clarity, transformation and healing inherent in non-ordinary states of consciousness. Trying to integrate the ancient healing techniques of various traditions with the more modern and scientific ones, she graduated in clinical-dynamic psychology at the University of Padua. She is a psychologist and a transpersonal psychotherapist in training at the Integral Transpersonal Institute (BTE) in Milan. Its intent is to facilitate the expansion of conscience, increase freedom (from conditioning schemes and superstructures) and help bring closer to the discovery of the true Self that is always under construction. To achieve this he uses different transe techniques, works with dreams, tarot, meditation (mindfulness) and personalized prayers through the symbols of sacred geometry and colors (language of light).