DECODE: THE SECRETS OF THE BODY – Release of stress and emotions management

by Ziska Moretti

Modern metropolitan life leads to collect stress and psychophysical tensions.

People are no longer able to find the right balance and managing emotions. But the solution to this discomfort is simpler than you might think.

Few people know that traditional martial arts contain exercises that can free us from stress and educate us to control our emotions.

No need to become an expert fighter, just select some exercises that are useful for our purpose. Mauro A. D’Angelo, Kung Fu and Nei Gong Master, has devoted his life to research in holistic disciplines and ancient martial arts. He traveled around the world to study and compare the theories of numerous experts to reconstruct the pieces of fragmented knowledge.

The result of this research led to DECODE.

The DECODE Association deals with teaching techniques for the development of human potential and holds courses in Europe and China to acquire new tools useful for everyday life.

Ziska Moretti bio

She approached Martial Arts to deepen her studies in the academic field about the interactions between matter, space and time.

She started practicing meditation when she was a teenager and since then she has never stopped her research in the field of science and philosophy on the effects of “mind/body” dualism. She found first in Ba Gua Zhang and then in DECODE an effective reading and a powerful tool in order to optimizing these effects.

Since 2005 she has been following the research of D’Angelo Master with the aim of making his teaching universal in every aspect of the human being: in martial practice as well as in everyday life.