Conscious Movement: the Body connected to the Flow of Life

by Elisa La Ferrara

Conscious Movement is a free and at the same time protected space, in which we will allow ourselves to listen to the body in depth, and to follow its natural instinct to move in harmony with what is born from the depth of our soul. The introductory work is based on exploring the rhythm, the space, the relationship with the Other, alternating between dynamic and meditative moments. We will connect our bodies with Nature, its elements and the beings that inhabit it,  in a guided meditation. The next practice is inspired by the Authentic Movement. We will follow, observing lovingly and without judgment, the process that arises from our bodies left free to act and interact in space.

During this experience we will be able to contact the different energies that inhabit our body, bringing to the attention the conscious tensions and movements that we find “difficult” or “forbidden” and others that make us feel good or that bring us back to a sense of unity of mind, body and spirit. With kindness and curiosity we will observe what happens, on a physical and emotional level, and then tell the story of our movement in the sharing circle.

Elisa La Ferrara bio

I am Elisa Uri La Ferrara, I was born in Turin in 1979 and since I was a child dance and music have colored my life with dreams. I studied Body Expression and Dance Theater for fifteen years, then I deepened my studies with Authentic Movement, Yoga, Fooling and Contact Dance. For seven years I have been practicing Toltec shamanism, I write Medicine Songs and work on the Voice-Soul connection. I study Processwork, a transpersonal methodology that connects Taoism, Shamanism, Jungian analysis and Quantum Physics, which inspires my Creative Counseling. I lived in different types of communities, developing a strong sense of connection with nature, learning different methods of facilitation and community building. I am a SIAF-registered Professional Holistic Worker.

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