Awaken to the world of Dreams

by Alisa Reikher

Dream to remember …
Dream to remember who you are, to remember that we are all united, that we are all One

“Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under,
it will lift you up.
This is the trick.
This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall.
This is how magic is done.”

– Terence Mckenna

Do you know your dream world?
Do you feel the call to know it better, in a more intimate, deeper way?

Dreams allow us to connect to pure magic, connect the earth and the sky, they open in us infinite possible realities, which we cannot see with the eyes of the state of daily consciousness. It is a kingdom full of infinite potential, because it lies beyond the boundaries and limits of the rational mind, governed by conventions, social rules and logic. Through dreams you can better understand your emotional world, give creative solutions to your questions, but also get in touch with the world that is beyond, meeting your Higher Self, your spirit guides, talking to plants and animals. Are you ready to hear their voice more clearly?

In this workshop you will be invited to “remember to remember” what you have always known.

We will have an idea of ​​what a dream is and of its being in effect an invitation to realize the true nature of our daily reality; we will learn some methods to better remember our dreams; we will have a little experience to enter into dialogue with them.

All those who hear the call are invited, those who have powerful and vivid dreams, those who don’t remember anything when they wake up, but are still curious. You are all welcome!

Alisa Reikher bio

Alisa is a medicine woman who believes in the enormous potential of every individual to heal himself. Since she was a child she was fascinated by the magic and fluid nature of the reality that surrounds us, and as she grew up she discovered the enormous potential for clarity, transformation and healing inherent in non-ordinary states of consciousness. Trying to integrate the ancient healing techniques of various traditions with the more modern and scientific ones, she graduated in clinical-dynamic psychology at the University of Padua. She is a psychologist and a transpersonal psychotherapist in training at the Integral Transpersonal Institute (BTE) in Milan. Its intent is to facilitate the expansion of conscience, increase freedom (from conditioning schemes and superstructures) and help bring closer to the discovery of the true Self that is always under construction. To achieve this he uses different transe techniques, works with dreams, tarot, meditation (mindfulness) and personalized prayers through the symbols of sacred geometry and colors (language of light).