Animals Soul Flow

by Paulina Ho

The ¨animals¨ resemble and associate with different states of being present in our body, emotions, soul and spirit. This is a guided journey in the body and soul through breath, movement, touch, sound and song. The dance opens us to walk our own vital path, reconnecting with grace, vitality and resources of happiness, creativity and health. Animals Soul Flow is a process of transformation which brings us back our synesthetic and somatic wisdom. A ritual which uses means of theatre and dance to approach the state of pure joy. Playful and focused practice to harmonise body, mind, heart, and soul. Reconnects with the knowledge of our inner nature, ritual experiences, and our organic rhythms. You will experience a state of relaxed presence with others in a reliable and safe environment. Experiencing being snake, tiger, crane, panther, dragon, monkey, bird, butterfly, dragonfly, or other animal, or a plant… we encounter ourselves in the state of being naturally, truly and profoundly… ourselves.

Paulina Ho bio

The path of my life is synesthesia and sharing. I am exploring spaces where the images meet with the body arts, artesanal crafts merge with actions stimulating health, having roots in the powerful connection with Nature. I work with dance, intuitive movement, sounds, organic voice, giving sessions of “Weaving the heart song”, “Breathing like a dragon” and sessions of holistic massage “eMotion Massage”.

My vocation is to reconnect with the source of vitality. To awaken, equilibrate and empower the feminine and masculine principle, stimulating their harmonious coexistence in the body, soul and spirit of men and women. To wake up abilities and skills to connect with oneself and with the others in a pure, nutritive and respectful way.