Sound in Silence

music-magical workshop By Paolo Serioli and Naara

The workshop draws from shamanism, sound massages, world music and from all the traditions that remind us that we are made of music.

Sound in Silence is a deep energetic cleansing experience consisting in three phases:

  1. The first phase will be about cleaning your energy. We will use maracas to explore our energetic blocks and dissolve tensions. Through this intense individual and group moment we will access an expanded state of being. Afterwards, we will play drums and didgeridoo.
  2. The second phase is about reception and listening. Participants will lay down for an hour and will listen to the music of various instruments, which will accompany the people in a powerful introspective journey: drums, flutes from around the world (ney, duduk, bansuri, quena etc.), hang, didgeridoo, percussions, charango, harmonium, shruti box, bells, various sounds and voices !
  3. The last part begins with the return of the participants to the group space. Then, depending on the energy that the group will express, we will create a specific activity. The aim of this last part is to create communion and play, through a spontaneous use of the voice.
Paolo Serioli bio

I am a 24 year old multi-instrumentalist. I traveled for a long time around Mexico, where I approached the shamanic culture of medicine and master plants. Music is my country and in the recent years I cultivate this passion surrounding myself with the sounds of traditional instruments from around the world. In Italy I attended the ‘School of Counseling’ with Selene Calloni Williams, which lead me to a path of shamanic yoga, constellations and other processing practices.
I bring my music projects and workshops wherever they are required and I create custom musical instruments (mostly shamanic drums and didgeridoo). I held a practice of shamanic yoga and a workshop on drums construction at the “in me mago agere” Festival near Venice.

Naara is an incredible painter and singer. She holds artistic performances and has a big passion for nature and spontaneous herbs  Together we bring “Sound in Silence” to various associations in Northern Italy.