Shamanic Circle with Didjeridoo and Hand-Pan

by Marco Ferrante and Genesio Antoniello

In the first part of the workshop the people, in circle, are invited to share their sacred space to be prepared for the sound experience, and it will be shared information about the importance of the intent behind the sound and how it is experienced in the Australian Aboriginal culture. The second part is entirely dedicated to the sound journey beated by the didgeridoo and other instruments. The third part is devoted to silence, initially intimate and personal in which the participant is alone with himself, and then shared in the group, a driving moment to the fourth and last part where, by means of a word stick, there will be the opportunity to share the experience. Thanks to the use of different and rhythmic sound heights, synergistically played by Marco and Genesio, they touch deeply the soul of each participant, creating powerful forces of healing and transformation, stimulating in the participants of the “circle” the energetic realignment of physical, mental and spiritual body.

Australian Aborigines use the Didgeridoo to emit primordial vibrations, a quality yet expressed by sacred songs, received through mysticism, which on one hand describe a map of a territory, on the other they are morphogenetic vibrations that help to maintain the shape of it, participating in the creation of the Earth through the sound. The Aborigines are thought to date back to the Neanderthal man and have maintained their culture (the DREAMTIME) unchanged. Who has come into contact with them testifies paranormal abilities such as telepathy, rhabdomancy, astral flights, foresight. The Didgeridoo is the sacred instrument for the excellence of this Tribal shamans, its origin is linked to the ritual history of this people and is therefore very ancient.

Marco Ferrante bio

Born in Chieti in 1978. Growth immersed in the Italian countryside, he has nourished, since childhood, a sensible connection with nature. The great interest in understanding the dynamics, culminated in the exceptional experience lived alongside an Aboriginal Shaman of the nation of Bundjalung Country, the most eastern point of Australia. Marco arrived in the “Dream Land” just after graduating in Engineering, along with a profound study of holistic disciplines, especially Reiki, becoming Reiki-master in 2006. These two approaches led him to a deep understanding of the months lived alongside the shaman.
Exceptional meetings, shamanic teachings and shared revelations complemented the previous experiences and studies. Since many years he creates groups throughout Italy, spreading his greater sensitivity to nature.

Genesio Antoniello bio

I play didgeridoo, handpan and tambourine. I have a first experience during the adolescence as a musician through the piano, in the mystical and spiritual world, being born and raised in a family of religious very similar to Chatars and with an environmental experience due to the discomfort of the Irpinia earthquake. Transferred to Rome I experienced a brief musical experience with a band of popular music called Tarantaraba, later I was led to engage in shamanic art and music studio as an expression of intuition that heals and harmonizes. The encounter with Marco Ferrante allowed me to integrate part of the shamanism of the Australian Aborigines, and not only, using the didgeridoo as a power tool. Along with personal paths of knowledge and awareness, the shamanic journey has become a constant observation and presence study, sharing through healing circles, a union of experience and recognition.