Sacred Drums: the Sacred Pathways of the Soul

di Enio Provaroni

The spirit we follow is based on gratitude, simplicity, humility, equality and wonder in the front of the Great Mystery of Life. We always try to walk the Good Red Path as the native traditions teach us. We enter the ceremony at the beginning of each session and the intent is to create a protected Sacred Space where we can locate and elevate our higher potentialities to become Sacred Humans and bring beauty and harmony to our relationship circles. We start each gathering by purifying ourselves and the environment with the smell of some traditional herbs (smudging) with the feather fan. We create a small altar (Mesa) where the symbols of the Sacred Directions and the intent of the Group are represented. We awake the drum and the first song is to call the Powers and honor the Directions or Intention of the event. During the ceremony the word stick (talking stick) is passed by, so everyone can freely share what is in their heart.

“Sacred Drums” was born from a vision to bring understanding and healing in the 5 human aspects in order to improve ourselves, others and Grandma Earth. To realize that we are all ,in our own way, Warriors of Light in defense of the Sacred Natural Laws. We have over time discovered the great power that our Songs have and their potential for healing and enlightenment. We have confirmed that each of us in the Circle has, in different ways, received special experiences, trances, healings, visions, healing, self-raising, mystical experiences, etc.

“The Pathway of the Drum” is a way that changes life, it is not the experience of an evening. For years we meet in our teepee around the fire, and we do the rituals of purification and uplift, such as sweat lodge (Inipi), Sacred Pipa (Chanupa), Flower Tree, shamanic journeying etc. and pray the Great Mystery through the songs.

Enio Provaroni bio

Conducts and coordinates Enio Provaroni (Man of the Strength of the Oak), according to the Metis tradition of Sweet Medicine’s Sun Dance Path tradition, handed down by Twisted Hairs and his Heart Trail. Enio follows the Beauty Way (since many years). He has studied holistic arts in the United States since 1975, at the East-West Foundation and at the Kushi Institute in Boston (MA). In Italy he has taught for many years Shizuko Yamamoto’s Shiatzu and Michio Kushi’s One Way Principles and Macrobiotic Way. He has actively sponsored  Claudia Sky-Dancer Crow of the Metis Medicine Society of Arizona and has been her apprentice for over 10 years. He danced at the Sun Dance of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society and he is a supporter of Leonard Crow Dog Sun Dance in South Dakota. In the 1980s he followed the teachings of Adam Fortunate Eagle, senior spiritual leader of Chippewa-Ojibway. He is a member of Pipestone, MN’s Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipe Makers. He was invited to participate in New Mexico at the “Gathering of the Eagles” in the context of “Spiritual Unity of the Tribes” as a senior Italian representative from the Nan Morton (Texas) Wisdom of the Grandmothers Foundation. He is one of the founders of the “Singing Crows” of Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Path in 1999 and his current group, Sacred Drums, celebrates Life and Creation through the Drum Way, ceremonies and shamanic self- awareness. In his ceremonial space, at the Sacred Wood of the Enclave at Candeli (Fi), he regularly holds sharing circles and celebration ceremonies open to all.